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Truckers Show True Character at "18 Wheels for Bubba" Event

16-year-old Dakota "Bubba" Cadd has always had an interest in trucks. (source) If there was ever a questi...

4 Simple Ways to Get the Best Fuel Mileage for Your Semi-Truck

When you think of semi-trucks, fuel efficiency probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. In fact,...

Why Hours of Service Rules Could Change for Livestock Haulers

A Senate proposed bill called “The Transporting Livestock Across America Safely Act” has the potential to significantly change Hours of Service rules and

Uber Freight Expands Capabilities with Fleet Mode

You’ve probably heard of the Uber app before. Open the app, see available drivers, and reserve a ride. With...

How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Affects the Trucking Industry

April 2019 might seem far away, but the decisions you’re making now are affecting how much money you'll end...

SC&RA Hauling Job of the Year Spotlight: Precision Specialized, Edwards Moving & Rigging 

US Cargo Control is a proud member of the SC&RA. The entries for 2018 Hauling Job of the Year were seriously impressive and now the results are in.

2018 International Roadcheck: Focus on Hours-of-Service Compliance

Learn what to expect during this 72-hour International Roadcheck to ensure you and your vehicle are ready for inspection.

Unpacking Moving Industry Trends: Why, When, and Where Americans are Moving

According to U.S. Census data, 11.2 percent of Americans move each year on average. That's over 35 million Americans who make the decision to pack up and move.

2018 Trucking Industry Trends: The Year of the Truck Driver

Learn how 2018 trucking industry trends are hauling the trucking industry towards one of its best years ever.

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