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Should I Buy or Rent Moving Pads?

By Christine Halvorsen • 12.08.21
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May and moving go hand and hand, and if you are taking on the task of moving all on your lonesome you are going to want to consider getting your hands on moving pads.


Supreme moving blankets are made of a cotton/polyester blend and a recycled cotton filler for exceptional durability that stands up to repeated use.

Moving pads, also known as moving blankets, are a tool used by professional movers to cover and protect furniture and other precious items from damage during the moving process.

Movers will typically cover big, bulky furniture and appliances with a moving blanket as they carry it out of the house and place it on the truck. A licensed mover is required to use some type of moving pad, paper, or moving blanket when moving quality furniture or anything breakable during transit.

Any DIY mover who does not invest in pads runs the risk of breaking, marring or scuffing their stuff. You’re probably asking: Where can I get a hold of these blankets before my next move?

Well, you've got two options.

Renting Moving Blankets

There are some companies that rent moving blankets. First, ask your truck rental company, like UHaul or Penske, what kind of moving supplies they offer for rent. Check out the condition of the blankets and investigate if it is worth the price.

There are other companies that loan out blankets for a fee, but they can be tough to track down. There are online forums with people asking where they can rent pads, unfortunately there are few answers. A warning on renting: Rental businesses typically ask for a deposit upfront. Some renters have lost their money because they borrowed moving blankets that were worn out or were not designed for repeated use.

When they inevitability snag or breakdown the rental company may hold you responsible for any damage done to the pads, that's according to a post on the blog House Hold Tips.

Buying Moving Blankets

It goes without saying; the moving supplies experts at US Cargo Control will always recommend buying moving blankets new instead of used or renting. Buying new ensures you know what you are getting ahead of the move.

The fabrics used to make moving blankets vary in strength and durability. Some blankets are designed to be used over and over again, others are not. You may get stuck with a rented blanket designed for limited use that has been worked beyond its means. That could wreak havoc on your moving day plans.

Check out the blankets available from US Cargo Control. The blankets are categorized as best, better and good to make for easy selection. If you need a blanket that you can reuse over and over again (that is also machine washable) check out the best section, our top seller in that category is the Supreme style.

If you are looking for pads for a one-time move check out the good blankets, our top seller in that section is the Econo Saver style.

If you want something in-between, visit the better section, our top seller there is the Mega Mover style. Keep in mind; moving blankets are not just for moving.

There are alternative uses for pads that will help justify the cost. Here are some examples from USCC customers:

  • Dragging heavy furniture and other objects in the house
  • Furniture storage
  • A blanket to sit on at the beach, during picnics or outdoor sporting events and concerts
  • Camping
  • Fitness mat
  • Seat covers for pets
  • Doghouse, shed or barn insulation
  • Hunting trips
  • Sound proofing
    dog on moving pad
USCC customer Laurel purchased a Supreme moving blanket 4-pack to use for her dog, Tilly. She uses one in Tilly’s crate to provide a comfortable padded layer, and also in her vehicles to protect the seats.
    Questions? We've got answers. Give one of the moving supplies experts as US Cargo Control a call toll free at 800-867-1210.
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