How to Safely Apply Wire Rope Clips to Wire Rope Assemblies

By Colton Radford • 12.08.21
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This video shows you how to safely apply wire rope clips to wire rope assemblies. Depending on the size of your assembly, two to three wire rope clips work just fine. See below for a full transcript of the video.

For more information on the differences among wire rope clips and how to choose the correct one, see our Wire Rope Clips post.

Safety Notes: Always inspect wire rope for wear and abuse before applying wire rope clips. Apply wire rope clips over bare wire rope only. Use wire rope thimbles to protect the eye from being crushed and to prevent wear and abrasion on the rope. Never use a wire rope clip to directly connect two straight lengths of wire rope.


An important phrase to remember when applying a wire rope clip is "Never Saddle a Dead Horse". In other words, you should never apply the saddle side of the clip over the dead end of the rope – the live end should always rest in the saddle.

Review our step-by-step guide on how to properly apply these clips to create a safe and secure assembly:

1. Inspect Your Wire Rope

Before applying the clip, inspect your rope for wear and other damage. If you notice any spots that show this, then remove the wire rope from being used and replace with a new one.

2. Install the First Clip

Once you inspected the rope, begin by turning back the specified amount of rope from the thimble. After that, apply first clip one base width from the dead end of the rope; the "U" side of the clip must always cover the dead end of the rope, and the "saddle" side needs to cover the live end. Tighten nuts evenly, alternating from one nut to the other until reaching the recommended torque.

3. Apply the Second Clip

If only two clips are required, then apply the second clip as near the loop or thimble as possible. Remember, U-Bolt over dead end. Tighten nuts evenly, alternating until reaching the recommended torque. When applying more than two clips, apply the second clip as near the loop or thimble as possible, turn nuts on second clip firmly, but do not tighten.

4. Add Additional Clips as Necessary

Space additional clips equally between the first two. Apply tension and then tighten the nuts on each clip evenly, alternating from one nut to the other until reaching recommended torque.


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