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5 Types of Synthetic Slings

Synthetic slings, also known as web slings, are some of the most popular types of liftings slings out there. Made from materials such as nylon, polyester, and more, these devices offer increased flexibility and easier handling at more affordable prices compared to their wire rope or chain sling counterparts. Our synthetic lifting slings are lightweight and flexible, making them easier to handle and store than slings made from other materials. All synthetic slings also conform to the shape of your cargo loads better than other types, offering protection for fragile items.

US Cargo Control provides synthetic slings in various materials and designs to better accommodate certain lifting applications. While they all classify as synthetic lifting slings, the difference in material gives each device its own unique characteristics. 

We explain more about the different types of synthetic slings below and help you determine which ones work best for your specific applications.


5 Types of Synthetic Lifting Slings

nylon lifting sling

1. Nylon Slings

Nylon lifting slings are renowned for their incredible flexibility and excellent strength. These are some of the most popular types of synthetic slings out there, commonly used for lifting a wide variety of cargo, heavy machinery, equipment, and more.

If you want lifting slings with a higher stretch capacity while maintaining strength and durability, then our heavy-duty nylon slings are the choice for you. They are particularly beneficial for handling potential shock loading situations while lifting cargo. Nylon slings also contain treated material that improves resistance to outdoor elements and helps reduce wear and tear in rugged and hazardous environments.

US Cargo Control is a trusted expert in providing high-quality nylon slings to our customers. Our wide selection of styles and types gives you many options to choose the best one for your lifting needs. Most nylon slings are referred to by both their name and a type number (e.g., Type 1).

Types of Nylon Lifting Slings


2. Polyester Roundslings

Polyester slings offer similar benefits to nylon, however they are designed with less stretch capacity and higher resistance to absorption, cuts and abrasions, and chemical corrosion. Each polyester roundsling is manufactured from a continuous loop of polyester yarn and covered with a durable, protective fabric. The tight construction of the fabric helps prevent the sling from locking up when used in a choker hitch. It also prevents it from absorbing water, keeping dirt, grease, oil, and UV rays from affecting the core yarns.

The polyester slings provide another versatile and cost-effective solution to lifting a wide variety of different cargo types, from lightweight cargo to heavy duty equipment. Color-coded jackets are assigned to these slings based on weight capacities for easy identification. They also contain the indicated working load limit tags, including the sling's size, type, and capacity.

Types of Polyester Lifting Slings:


plasma rope lifting sling from us cargo control

3. Plasma Slings

Plasma slings are made using Plasma® ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) synthetic rope that's been enhanced using a patented recrystallization process and coated with a protective polyurethane finish to withstand water, corrosion, and abrasion. The unique material of the plasma lifting slings makes them incredibly lightweight, yet strong enough to handle various lifting and rigging tasks. In fact, they are considered a safer option compared to steel wire rope because of their very low risk for recoiling if/when the rope breaks.

Plasma slings also exhibit a low stretch capacity and high resistance to chemicals for long-lasting use in challenging environments. They are a fantastic choice for both precision and fragile lifting jobs where cautious and meticulous handling is imperative.

US Cargo Control offers plasma eye and eye lifting slings in various sizes and lengths to accommodate your lifting and rigging needs. We also offer strands of Plasma rope that is easy to splice and use for your custom rigging setups.


ultra high performing round slings from us cargo control

4. UHMPE Roundslings

Ultra High Modulus Polyethylene (UHMPE) roundslings are known for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Consisting of a core fiber wrapped with a gray double-layered polyester cover, these roundslings are smaller, lighter, and stronger compared to wire rope or even polyester slings.

One of the major advantages to having roundslings is the ability to adjust the loadbearing points anywhere along the sling. This decreases wear-and-tear and extending the life of the sling itself. Another advantage of the the roundsling is repairing the outer polyester jacket when damage is sustained, so long as the core yarn remains intact.

UHMPE roundslings boast low stretch properties, and despite being lightweight, they maintain incredible strength, making them suitable for heavy-duty lifting operations. They also improve rigging speed, reduce the risk of on-site worker injury, and are easy to transport and store. The polyester jacket provides resistance to mold, mildew, corrosion, water damage, UV rays, dirt, grime, and abrasions. 


green twin path roundsling from us cargo control

5. Twin-Path® Slings

Lastly, Twin-Path slings represent an advanced technology in synthetic lifting solutions. Constructed using a dual-core design, and combining the strength of high-performance fibers with the protection of a Covermax® jacket, these slings are the perfect blend of high strength and durability for superior and reliable performance in heavy-duty lifting applications such as bridge construction, turbine installation, and more.

These lifting slings conform to the loads and have a low elongation of 1% at its rated capacity, making them ideal for situation where low-headroom exists. The protective jackets also provide excellent resistance to dirt, debris, corrosion, water damage, and UV rays. Lastly, each sling comes with a Check-Fast® indicator system that lets you know when the sling fibers sustain damage. This indicator system improves safe usage and ensures you get them inspected and repaired immediately. 

US Cargo Control provides both endless and eye and eye Twin-Path lifting slings for your needs. We also offer High-Temperature Sparkeater® lifting slings that are made with a heat-resistant core yarn material and Nomex® protective jacket that's both flame- and heat-resistant. These slings can operate in working conditions up to 300°F.

Types of Twin-Path Slings


Lifting Solutions for Your Applications

Whatever you choose as your lifting solution, US Cargo Control has the lifting and rigging equipment you need. We provide a selection of high-quality lifting materials and components, including rigging hardware and sling protection to complement your setups and protect your cargo.

Before each use of your lifting sling, you should always inspect your device for any wear or damage that could compromise your job. Remove these devices immediately to protect your cargo and personnel, and replace them with new or repaired slings.


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For more information on our lifting and rigging equipment, talk with our product experts today by emailing or calling us at (866) 444-9990. 

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