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Q: What kind of moving blanket do I need?

The best moving blanket for your needs will depend on a couple of things: if you plan to reuse the blanket and what you will be using it for.

Choose one of our "Best" blankets if you need the best protection possible and intend to use the blanket repeatedly. The cotton and polyester blend fabric and woven polyester binding ensure it will last. They can be machine washed.

Our "Better" blankets can also be used more than once, but the all-polyester fabric and non-woven binding provides slightly less protection than those blankets with a mix of cotton. They can be used repeatedly, and spot cleaned if needed.

If you intend to use the blanket for just one or two moves, choose from our "Good" blankets. These have fabric and binding that are non-woven polyester, so while not designed for multiple uses, they are more cost-efficient.

Q: Are moving blankets machine-washable?

Our category of "Best" moving blankets, which includes the Supreme, Pro Mover, and Performance blankets, are machine washable. Their cotton/polyester fabrication and woven binding are designed for repeated use, so they can be washed in a washing machine and hung to dry.

Q: What's the difference between "Good," "Better," and "Best" blankets?

Our "Best" moving blankets are manufactured using cotton/polyester blends and woven binding for the ultimate in protection and durability. They are constructed to withstand repeated use and machine washing. "Best" moving blankets include: Supreme, Pro Mover, and Performance.

The "Better" moving blankets are made with a combination of woven and non-woven polyester fibers for mid-weight blankets that are durable and offer excellent protection for repeated use. While these blankets are not recommended for machine washing, they can be spot cleaned. "Better" moving blankets include: Mega Mover, Multi Mover, and Camo.

Our "Good" moving blankets are made of non-woven polyester. Non-woven means the fibers are bonded together by pressure, heat, chemical, or solvent processes. They are constructed for limited usage. "Good" moving blankets include: Econo Deluxe, Econo Mover, and Econo Saver.

Q: What is a Moving Skin?

A moving skin is a lightweight pad that's intended for use on light duty jobs. It's not quilted with a cover like a regular moving blanket, but instead is constructed with recycled fibers pressed together. This creates a padded yet flexible layer to protect items during a move or while in storage. Also known as textile blankets or vault pads, moving skins are also often used for industrial uses, such as a cargo pad or as packing material in crates. Our moving skins are sold in a Pack of 6 and a Pack of 24.

Q: How many moving blankets should I purchase?

Use the number of pieces you intend to wrap as a guide to determine how many moving blankets you'll need. All moving blankets are standard 72" x 80" and it typically takes four to six blankets to cover a large piece such as a couch. Smaller items such as chairs and end tables generally require two to four blankets for coverage.

Q: If I buy in bulk is there a discount?

Yes, we offer bulk pricing discounts when you purchase 10 dozen or more blankets.

Q: What other products should I purchase for my move in addition to blankets?

For securing moving blankets around large pieces of furniture, it's best to use oversized rubber bands (also called mover bands) of pallet bands. These are sold in various sizes and come in a pack of 12. Stretch Wrap also works well because it offers adjustable securing, but won't leave adhesive residue like take can. You may also want to consider investing in quilted furniture covers. These are made of moving blanket material, but shaped to fit specific pieces like sofas, chairs, etc.

Q: How quickly can I receive my moving blankets?

We strive to ship orders the same business day, when received by 4pm CST. You can choose from standard, priority, or expedited shipping, see our Shipping & Returns page for more information and transit maps. If you require next day delivery, please call our sales team at 888-794-0964 to discuss delivery options.

Q: How are moving blankets shipped?

Our dozen packs of moving blankets are shipped as compressed bundles. Four packs and single quantities are boxed.

Q: What are some common ways to reuse moving blankets?

Moving blankets are a great investment to protect your items during a move. As one of our best selling items, we get lots of feedback from customers, including how they reuse their moving blankets after a move. Check out this post on our US Cargo Control blog for some great ideas: Moving Blankets- Not Just for Moving Anymore.

Q: How thick are your moving blankets?

We include the weight per dozen information as our part of our description. It's a great way to compare the thickness of blankets, as the heavier the weight, the thicker the blanket will be.

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