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Grade 70 Logging Chain

Our high-strength log chain and logging chain hooks are made from low-alloy carbon steel, with a yellow chromate coating for corrosion-resistance and protection from the elements. This construction makes it the ideal choice for use in the logging industry.

Both the chain and the hooks have been heat-treated and strength-tested to ensure superior quality and performance.

The yellow color also makes them easy to identify as Grade 70, which is stronger than Grade 43. The load rating for G70 chains is 20% higher, so it can be used in a wider range of applications.

Grade 70 chain should not be used for overhead lifting.

Chain Sizes

This heavy-duty logging chain is available in several sizes, so it's easy to find the one best-suited for your job: 

The Columbus McKinnon (CM) chains are made in the USA, while the import options are great for people on a tight budget.

Logging Chain Hooks

The standard chains come with hooks already attached in lengths of 16', 20', and 25'.

If you are looking for something longer or shorter, the chain and hooks are available separately!

Custom assemblies are also an option - call to speak to one of our product experts to learn more.

Towing & Transportation Equipment

Looking for tie downs for trucks, towing equipment and accessories, or additional hardware options? We've got you covered!

We carry a wide variety of products, perfect for enclosed vans, flatbed applications, and more!