Grade 120 Rigging Hooks

Grade 120 is a high-strength, ultra-premium quality alloy steel with the highest working load limit in the industry. European-made by Pewag and specifically designed for extreme overhead lifting applications, Grade 120 has a 50% WLL increase over Grade 80.

Easily recognized by the blue powder-coat finish, Grade 120 fittings are embossed with grade and size. G120 exceeds the 4:1 NACM design factor if G80 loading is used; meets the NACM standard for heat resistance with 400"° F; and meets the 20,000 cycle ASTM-Standard fatigue test for Grade 100.

When you need the heaviest-duty chain and fittings to lift your load, Grade 120 is what you want.

Not sure which type of hook is best for your application? See the guide below, and call our sales specialists with any other questions.

" Grab hooks: Designed as shortening hooks in choke applications and for slings that must not tighten. Reduction of load capacity not required due to 4-fold safety.

" Sling hook with latch: General purpose hook with forged safety latch.

" Self- locking hook: Offers greater safety than a latch hook, these automatically close and lock under load. Requires load to be grounded before load can be released. When used within the working load limit guidelines, a self-locking design ensures the hook will not open when under heavy load. Not for welded system.
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