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Flatbed Car Hauling Trailer

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2" Car Tie Down Strap w/ Flat Snap Hooks

WLL 2000 lbs
BS 6000 lbs
Starting at
SKU: 5112FSH-Y

Flatbed Car Hauling Tie Downs

Using a flatbed to haul a car or other vehicle is fairly simple - all you need are correctly-positioned anchor points and four wheel nets, bonnets, or straps.

Our over-the-wheel flatbed tie downs are made from industrial-grade polyester webbing and high quality end fittings to ensure a reliable hold and a longer strap lifespan. The webbing has low elasticity and is abrasion-, water-, and UV-resistant.

Flatbed Wheel Nets Working Load Limit

It's recommended that you tie down all four tires to properly secure a vehicle to your flatbed. When choosing a wheel net, make sure the working load limit is enough to hold the vehicle you are tying down. The weight should not exceed the combined working load limit of the straps you are using.

Anchor Points

If your flatbed doesn't already have anchor points, add them using D-rings or E-track! Most of the end fittings offered with our wheel tie downs are compatible with D-rings, but might require additional E-track accessories to connect to E-track. 


Not sure which auto tie down you need for your flatbed? Call to speak to one of our product experts today!

We also offer tie downs for tow dollies, enclosed trailers, and commercial car haulers. Looking to shop by tire size? Check out our wheel nets / straps ideal for small to medium tires (14"-17" rim) or large tires (17"+ rim).

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