Chicago Hardware Screw Pin Chain Shackles

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Chain shackles have straight shape so they're intended for use in two-direction pulls. They are not a good choice for applications where there are more than two directions of loads, as it can create stress on the sides, increasing the risk of failure. If your application involves pulls from multiple directions, an anchor or bow shackle is a better choice.

The screw pin lets the user connect and disconnect quickly, so it's excellent for temporary or attachments that change often.

A protective galvanized finish in zinc prevents it from corrosive substances. The zinc also protects any steel that becomes exposed from scratches or dings.

Made in the USA; we also offer Imported Screw Pin Chain Shackles if you need a more economical option. USA-made Stainless Steel Screw Pin Chain Shackles are also available.

Not sure which type of shackle is best for your job? Give our sales team a call, they can provide more information, or place an order for you.