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Axle Straps and Auto Tie Downs

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    2" Car Tie Down Strap w/ Flat Snap Hooks

    WLL 2000 lbs
    BS 6000 lbs
    Starting at
    SKU: 5112FSH-Y

    Auto-Tie Downs come in a variety of configurations depending on user preference and specific car hauling applications. US Cargo Control carries many popular options to choose from. Our professional-grade auto-tie downs are used by professionals and car haulers alike to safely and securely tie down their vehicles for transit.

    Axle Straps

    Axle Straps are fixed around the vehicle's axle to secure it to a trailer or truck for transit. These car tie-down straps are easy-to-use and are made with 12,000 lb. industrial-grade polyester webbing for maximum strength and durability.

    Wheel Straps and More

    Wheel Straps are another popular choice for car haulers. Perfect for low-clearance applications, such as vehicles with limited wheel well clearance (sports cars, etc.), wheel straps fit snug against the wheel and attach to anchor tie-down points hooks. Wheel Strap assemblies typically include a ratchet so the user can easily tension the strap for a secure fit.

    For even more auto and car tie-down options, check out our Wheel Nets and Tow Dolly Straps category page. There you’ll find our full selection of wheel nets, tow dolly straps, tie-down hardware, and more.

    Need Help Deciding?

    If you need help deciding the right auto tie-down for your application, please contact our sales team. We’ll be glad to help you find the right product for your needs.

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