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Standard L-Track

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Standard L-Track is one of our most popular product lines, due to its endless versatility. With a variety of rail lengths and spring-loaded fittings, it's easy to instantly create a custom tie-down system to meet your needs.

L-Track, also known as Logistic Track or Airline Track is a versatile tie-down system used to secure a range of cargo. Install L-Track Tie-Down Tracks in your pickup truck, utility trailer, or van to create versatile and secure tie-down points that are easily adjusted to suit the specific vehicle or cargo you are transporting.

Installed in a truck bed, it's a safe and secure way to haul a dirt bike; add rails to a utility trailer to haul a garden tractor or ATV; secure L-track inside an enclosed trailer and you can quickly configure straps to tie down just about any kind of cargo.

Our Standard L-Track is also available in powder-coated finishes. Powder coating offers two main benefits:
-Extra protection against abrasions such as scratches and scuffs
-A clean, finished look that makes it easy to coordinate with straps or company colors and logos.
All of our painted L-Track is manufactured with pre-drilled holes for easy installation.

Types of L-Track:

Standard L-Track

Standard L-Track is our most popular style of L-Track because of its versatility to secure a wide-range of cargo. It's available in a wide range of sizes, so it's easy to customize your airline track system to meet your needs. It is suitable for both surface and flush-mounted installations.

Use the filter to see the different color options available - to order, call to speak to one of our product experts!

Aircraft Style L-Track

Aircraft Style L-Track features a square profile, similar to our Standard L-Track, but is made from a stronger, high-quality grade 6351 for applications requiring extra strength than regular aluminum L-Track.

Angled L-Track

Angled L-Track features sloped edges, making it easier to roll items such as motorcycles, ATVs, utility carts, and other wheeled-objects over the tie-down track. Angled L-Track is for surface mounted applications.

Recessed L-Track

Recessed L-Trackis also known as Flanged L-Track and is designed for flush-mount installations. This flush-surface benefit makes it ideal for applications where wheeled-items are rolled over the track.

L-Track Fittings

One of the things that makes L-Track so versatile is the wide range of fittings and accessories made to go with it. Most fittings are designed to be placed at any point along the track to create an instant and secure tie-down point. Track Filler strips are great for filling in the track where it's not in use, to keep dirt, sand, etc. out. Our entire selection of fittings and other add-on components can be found on our Stud Fittings and Accessories page.

More L-Track Options

We carry a large selection of L-Track System hardware and components. Check out our L-Track Tie Down Systems page for our full lineup of L-Track, L-Track Fittings & Accessories, and L-Track Straps. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please let us know. We’ll work together to find you what you need.

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