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Chocks Used for Recreational Vehicles

Chocks Used for Recreational Vehicles

Wheel chocks are not just used in the trucking, transportation and logistics industries, they are also used to secure and stabilize vehicles used for fun. Recreational vehicles are not a small investment, they can be expensive to acquire and maintain. However, wheel chocks are an inexpensive way to keep your vehicle safe and stable.

RVs and Campers


Wheels chocks are used to prevent vehicles from dangerous, unintentional rolling while parked. The most common styles of wheel chock are wedge and pyramid. When selecting the right wheel chock, it's important to know the size of the tires on the RV, camper or trailer. Small units can typically handle a more lightweight chock.

Once you’ve arrived at your campsite look for a paved area avoiding grass and gravel if possible. When you find a spot go ahead and park, engage the emergency parking brake and apply the wheel chocks. Make sure the chocks are in the right place and that there is no movement. If there is, wedge them under the tires until there is no movement.


Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

Motorcycle wheel chocks are used to stabilize and secure motorcycles, motocross bikes and dirt bikes while riding on a trailer or truck bed during transport. The TrackStar L-track Motorcycle Chock available through US Cargo Control is easy to install and remove from the truck bed or trailer.

The kit includes one wheel chock, one L-track, flathead phillips screws, nylock nuts and flat fender washers. Motorcycle straps are also available in several sizes, styles and colors.


If you have questions about sizing or what might be best for your use, of if you’d like to get a hold of travel trailer wheel chocks you don’t see on the website, give the US Cargo Control sales team a call at 866-348-3473.

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