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US Cargo Control Sales Team Profile: David

US Cargo Control Sales Team Profile: David

While our website offers hundreds of products, we also have product specialists ready to take your call if you have a question or would like to place your order by phone.
David Urlaub, USCC Sales Team

David is a member of our sales team that you may talk with if you call. He’s been with US Cargo Control for just over a year.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy the challenge of the rigging category and finding the right rigging supplies and products for the customers’ needs.

Are there one or two most common questions you hear from USCC callers?

“What is the price for the 10’ e track?” “Will this wheel net fit my tire?” and “Yeah, where are you guys located?”

Have there been any memorable calls/customers?

One customer was looking for a very large custom cargo net to lift several tons of coconuts.


Playing the guitar, woodworking, running, hunting, fishing, traveling.

What’s the last thing you had a really good laugh about?

I accidentally called Stairway to Heaven, “Stairway from Heaven.” I wonder what Freud would say…

Favorite sports teams to watch?

The Green Bay Packers and the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Favorite sports to play?

Basketball, table shuffleboard, and bags.

What three words would your friends us to describe you?

Loyal, ‘Will Ferellish’ (those are three right?).

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A fighter pilot. A pastor. A forest ranger. A lawyer, A physical therapist. A chiropractor… The real question is what didn’t I want to be?

Favorite words of wisdom?

I love quoting Seinfeld. It’s the best show of all time and every situation in life can be found in a Seinfeld episode... “I’m out there Jerry and I’m loving every minute of it!”

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