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WSTDA COVID-19 Guidance For Synthetic Slings and Tie Downs

WSTDA releases guidance for COVID-19.

Lever Binders and Ratchet Binders: What are the Safety Benefits?

Are you looking for which chain binder is best for your haul? Read to learn the differences of each binder.

Using Tie Downs to Secure Cargo Loads Safely and Legally

During the 2017 CVSA International Roadcheck, improper cargo securement was the cause for 15.7% of ve...

5 Tips for Hunting with Your Portable Tree Stand

Whether hunting with a bow or firearm, utilizing a portable tree stand is a popular way to gain an elevated...

How Many Tie Downs Do I Need?

The amount of tie downs you need depends on the length and weight of the cargo being transported. Learn more about FMCSA rules regarding tie downs.

US Cargo Control Team Welcomes Governor Branstad

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad recently visited US Cargo Control to tour its growing in-house tie downs manufacturing division.

Ball Bungees: Not Just for Tarps Anymore

Ball bungees go by a lot of different names: bungee ball, snugglers, etc., but these little tie downs are big on uses. Here's what our customers are saying.

What's Happening at US Cargo Control

While the big news around US Cargo Control lately has been the completion of our new warehouse addition, a ...

Tie Down Strap Tag Information: Break Strength and Working Load Limit

A tie down strap should have a tag showing break strength and working load limit. What does break strength and working load limit mean?

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