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image of load bars for trucks

Load Bars for Trucks and Trailers

If installing e-track and shoring beams is not option in your trailer or truck, a ratcheting load bar is another choice. Load bars (also sometimes called cargo bars), are a great for sectioning space in a trailer or truck.

image of load bars for trucks

Designed in a heavy duty metal, rubber pads on each end grip the wall to keep the bar in place. A ratcheting device lets you set it to the desired tension.

Two sizes are available: Other accessories available include replacement Cargo Bar Feet sold in singles or in 2-packs: Cargo Bar Feet 2-pack. Another handy device is a Cargo Bar Holder which easily installs on the wall of the trailer or van. It holds two load bars securely in place when not in use. If you’re using more than one load bar in a van or enclosed trailer, check out Charlie’s tips on how to best ratchet the bar to keep it secure. If you have questions about any of our load bars or other van trailer products, give us a call at 866-444-9990, we’ll be glad to help!
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