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ergo 360 combination winch bar

How to Use the Ergo 360 Combination Winch Bar

The Ergo 360 Combination Winch Bar provides incredible benefits to users looking to tie down their flatbed trailer cargo. Considered one of the best and most versatile winch bars available on the market, the design of this bar makes for safer and easier usage compared to other models.

Check out our blog post below on how to use the revolutionary Ergo 360 Combination Winch Bar and how it stacks up to other types of winch bars out there. You can also follow along with our product expert Tim Sanders in our video above.

What is the Ergo 360 Combination Winch Bar?

ergo 360 combination winch bar

The Ergo 360 Combination Winch Bar is a versatile tool with a unique design for use with flatbed trailer winches. Just like other winch bars, this tool allows truckers to tighten and loosen winch straps for securing or releasing cargo. However, this high-strength streel winch bar boasts a unique design made with user safety in mind. This ergonomic design separates itself from other types of winch bars available.

Each Ergo 360 Combination Winch Bar contains a patented, angular bend in the bar followed by a tip that runs parallel to the bar itself. This brings the user maximum leverage and powerful tightening capabilities at multiple angles, including 360 degrees of rotation. For truckers looking for relief of strain and pain from their neck, back, and shoulders, this winch bar helps reduce this stress and allows better handling when tightening flatbed trailer winches.

This combination bar comes with a square end on the long side. The square end is typically used for releasing tension from lever chain bindersnever for tightening them. When the bar of a lever binder is tightened on the load, there is a lot of energy stored that has a strong kickback when releasing it from the tension. The square end of the Ergo 360 Combination Winch Bar provides a safer way of releasing lever binders from their loads.


Using Ergo 360 Combination Winch Bars ensures many benefits compared to other varieties:

  • Mushroom Tip: The parallel end of the bar has a mushroom tip that hooks into the winch hole and prevents the bar from slipping out of it when in use.
  • Knurled Handle: The textured handle of the bar gives you an extra strong grip.
  • Curved Shape: The design of the winch bar not only reduces stress to your body when using it, but the curved shape also keeps the bar from rolling away when set up on the trailer or on the ground.
  • Bright Yellow Paint: Each bar is painted with a bright yellow for high visibility. This helps ensure you know where the bar is at all times.

ergo 360 combination winch bar tightening flatbed trailer winch

How to Use the Ergo 360 Combination Winch Bar

As previously mentioned, the nature of this combination winch bar allows you to use it for a few different purposes. Two common ways for using the Ergo 360 Combination Winch Bar includes tightening flatbed trailer winches and releasing tension for lever chain binders. Below are guides on how to use the winch bar in these specific situations.

Winch Tie Down Systems

  1. Position the Winch Bar
    Before using the Ergo 360, inspect the winch and straps for any signs of damage or wear. Make sure that all equipment remains in good condition. Insert the winch bar into the winch, ensuring a secure fit. The mushroom tip allows you to approach the winch from the most convenient angle and ensures the bar stays in the device.

  2. Rotate to Tighten or Loosen Winch Straps
    Depending on the situation, rotate the winch up or down with the Ergo 360 Combination Bar to tighten or loosen the winch strap as needed. The textured grip prevents your hands from slipping during the process, while the square end serves as an anchor point for your back hand.

  3. Secure and Release Cargo
    Once the strap is securely tightened or loosened, then remove the winch bar from the flatbed trailer winch. If tightening, double-check the tension of the winch strap to ensure a safe and stable load.

  4. Store the Winch Bar
    Lastly, store the Ergo 360 Combination Winch Bar in a designated and secure location on the truck or trailer.

Lever Chain Binders

  1. Position the Square End
    Insert the square end of the Ergo 360 combo bar into the designated slot on the lever chain binder. Ensure a secure fit, with the end of the lever in line with the winch bar.

  2. Pull Up & Release
    Once you inserted the lever into the square end, then pull up on the winch bar to release the tension. Force from the binder will rapidly snap the lever upward. While it releases, the lever pivots within the handle, keeping you safe from kickback injury caused by the binder. By gripping the extension of the bar, you keep your hands and body away from the lever.

  3. Double-Check Release
    After releasing the lever chain binder, then you need to inspect and ensure that the lever has completely disengaged from the cargo. Remember, these winch bars should NEVER be used to tighten lever chain binders.

  4. Store the Winch Bar
    Similar to above, store the winch bar away in a designated area or location on the truck or trailer. 

Complete Your Winch System with US Cargo Control

The Ergo 360 Combination Winch Bar is a revolutionary tool that has set a new standard in the flatbed trailer industry with its innovative design, durability, and user-friendly features. However, it only serves as one piece to your entire winch tie down system. With US Cargo Control, you can count on quality flatbed trailer winch products to secure your cargo for transit.

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