5 Benefits of Using Edge Protection

blue corner protector secure on cargo pallets with winch strap

Edge protection, such as corner protectors and edge protectors, keeps cargo and straps safe and secure during transportation. These critical components are used across various industries, whether it's for logistics, shipping, trucking and transportation, construction, or lifting and rigging. However, edge protection tends to be a looked-over piece of equipment that can make or break (literally) your tie down straps or cargo.

We explain the importance of using edge protection and explore five significant advantages of employing these items, safeguarding both the cargo and the peace of mind of those responsible for its transportation.

5 Benefits of Edge Protection

There are different types of edge protection available that caters to specific applications. For cargo transportation, corner protectors provide a layer between the edge of the cargo load and the tie down that secures it to the vehicle. With lifting and rigging, edge protectors work great to ensure that lifting slings stay away from sharp corners that can cut or cause abrasions.

With so many different configurations of these products available, customers can find the right product for their typical cargo load type. However, the question becomes "what benefits do I truly get out from these products?" Below are five reasons to invest in edge protection:

red corner protector with winch strap

1. Enhanced Durability

Cargo, regardless of its type or size, is susceptible to damage during handling and transportation. The vulnerability becomes amplified when cargo edges and corners are exposed to external forces like compression, friction, or impacts.

Corner protectors serve as a protective barrier between the cargo and external elements, preventing direct contact and reducing the risk of abrasion, chipping, or denting. By acting as a buffer, edge protection significantly enhances cargo durability, ensuring it arrives at its destination in pristine condition.

2. Improved Load Stability

Secondly, maintaining load stability is crucial in preventing accidents and maintaining the structural integrity of cargo shipments. Unevenly distributed pressure or shifting loads can lead to load imbalances, causing potential hazards during transportation. Edge protection plays a pivotal role in stabilizing loads by creating a uniform surface and securing strapping or tie-downs in place. This significantly minimizes load shifting and helps maintain a balanced center of gravity, reducing the risk of accidents or cargo damage.

3. Cost-Effective Solution

Investing in edge protection may seem like an additional expense, but it proves to be a highly cost-effective solution in the long run. Without proper edge protection, cargo damage during transit can result in expensive repairs or replacements. Damaged goods may lead to insurance claims, delays, and dissatisfied customers, all of which can incur substantial financial losses. By using edge protectors, businesses can mitigate these risks, ensuring that their cargo remains intact and avoiding potential financial setbacks.

semi trailer tie down straps with corner protector and transport chain binders

4. Compliance with Industry Standards

In many industries, there are strict regulations and standards in place to ensure the safe transportation of goods. Failing to adhere to these standards may result in penalties, legal issues, and reputational damage. Edge protectors are designed to meet industry-specific requirements and are available in various sizes and materials to accommodate different cargo types. By using edge protection, companies can demonstrate their commitment to compliance and responsible cargo handling practices.

5. Versatility and Reusability

Edge protectors offer versatility for a wide range of cargo types, such as lumber, steel, glass, and fragile goods. Furthermore, they are often reusable, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Investing in high-quality edge protectors made from durable materials ensures longevity, enabling companies to use them across multiple shipments. This not only benefits the environment but also leads to cost savings over time.

Edge Protection from US Cargo Control

Edge protection, in the form of edge protectors or corner protectors, plays a pivotal role in safeguarding cargo during transportation. The benefits are far-reaching, ranging from improved cargo durability and load stability to cost-effectiveness and compliance with industry standards. Moreover, the versatility and reusability of edge protectors make them a valuable investment for businesses, promoting both responsible cargo handling and environmental sustainability.

Corner Protectors

US Cargo Control offers a broad range of corner protectors and vee boards designed to protect the load from tight tie down forces, as well as the tie down straps from breaking under these same pressures:

Edge Protectors

We also offer a selection of magnetic edge protectors from Liftguard for slings and webbing. Medium- and Heavy-Duty Edge Protectors provide the necessary strength and compatibility for your various load types, while the Grooved edge protection are designed to be used with steel plate edges or I-beam flanges:

By incorporating edge protection into their cargo control practices, companies can ensure the safe and successful transportation of goods, instilling confidence in customers and stakeholders alike.

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