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How to Install L-Track on a Pickup Bed

How to Install L-Track on a Pickup Bed

L-Track is a great option when creating a tie-down system for a pickup truck. The track is sleek, easy to install and maintains the overall look of the vehicle while expanding its versatility. This product is lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum providing a finished look.

While it will work on any vehicle or trailer, it is ideal for a pickup. L-Track has a much lower profile compared to E Track. The width of the track aligns almost perfectly with the inside of the bed rails and can be installed flawlessly inside the ribs of the truck bed as well.

US Cargo Control offers 2'' anchor plates with 6'', 12'', 24'', 48'', 72'' and 96'' track lengths that come in a variety of colors that coordinated to match the truck.

L Track installation US Cargo L Track- Black being installed in a pickup truck.


How to Install L-Track

  1. Clamp the track in the interior side rail and mark the mounting holes with a permanent marker. Then, remove the clamps and track and drill through the metal marked by the spots.

  2. Once all of the holes are drilled, line up the track and place the fasteners through the holes. Secure the fasteners with a flat washer and nut on the backside of each and repeat along the track.

  3. After you've finished installing the fasteners, then use a wrench to hold the fastener in place and tighten the bolt using a hand drill. Do this for all fasteners. Remember, the track is only as strong as it is secure. Make sure to fasten it properly to the truck rails.

Keep in mind, L-Track can also be installed on the floor of a trailer. US Cargo Control carries a variety of sizes and colors of L-Track.

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