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How to Choose a Moving Dolly

How to Choose a Moving Dolly

Sarah J

Hello to our US Cargo Control customers and USCC blog visitors!

I’m Sarah Watson, our resident moving supplies expert. Whether you’re a large moving company or a do-it-yourself mover, I’m here to help you select the best product for your particular job or project.

I like to think of myself as a Moving Supplies Superhero – saving the world, one moving blanket at a time. My colleagues even call me SWatson which I believe sounds very special agent, superhero-like. Today (and everyday) I’m here to help!

Often, I’m asked about our moving dollies and how to select the right one. In particular, I get a lot of questions about our four-wheel dollies (also known as H-dollies). Choosing the right dolly is important! Our goal is to help you select the best dolly for your particular application and safety is key, therefore pay attention to the load capacity of the dolly. It can be found in the specifications section below the item’s photo.

At US Cargo Control, we stand behind the strength of our dollies. If you want to see them in action, check out this dolly break strength video (you can also find it on the rubber cap moving dolly product page. When shopping for a moving dolly, take note of the size. Most dollies are a standard 18" x 30" with 4" wheels, but you may want to measure the furniture, load or items you’re moving as well as the space you’re navigating through to guarantee an easy move. Also, keep a close eye on dolly’s wheels. For example, our most popular H-dolly is our mover grade H-dolly with flat rubber tread.

image of Mover Grade H-Dolly
Mover Grade H-Dolly
It has non-marking 4" swivel wheels with double ball bearings. These wheels will ensure your dolly moves smoothly along even surfaces without marking your floors (hardwoods, linoleum, tile, etc.).
image of rubber cap moving dolly
Rubber Cap Moving Dolly

Our second most popular moving dolly is our rubber cap moving dolly. It is suitable for large items, but is best for any items and loads you don’t want to shift when in motion. Some of our US Cargo Control customers in the moving industry will use this particular style H-dolly in combination with our piano board and piano straps to move a piano.

*NOTE to our do-it-yourself movers* We strongly encourage you to hire a moving company or professional piano movers to wrap, move and transport your precious piano. Leave it to the pros on this one – we've seen far too many piano moving accidents on the web. Other dolly options include our carpeted moving dolly which is best for large furniture items (armoires, bookcases, TV stands) or anything you don't want scratched, but need secured.

image of Carpeted Moving Dolly
Carpeted Moving Dolly
Lastly, we offer our snap-loc heavy duty moving dolly which has a 1,200 lbs. load capacity. This is the strongest H-dolly we carry and is typically used by residential and commercial moving companies. However, if you’re seeking a dolly to last a long time and handle anything – this is the one for you!
image of Snap-Loc Moving Dolly
Snap-Loc Moving Dolly

As you browse through our website and you’re reviewing our H-dollies – just remember to pay close attention to the load capacity, size and wheels to be certain it’s a good match for your planned usage. We know that shopping online can be challenging – which is why we have product experts available to answer your questions.

If you see an item on the website and you’re unsure if it will work for you – please don’t hesitate to call us. We love talking to our customers and helping them find the exact item they need. And…if you’re ever on the moving supplies section of our website, call (800) 867-1210. I’ll gladly help you. I’m off to save the world – flying away with my makeshift moving blanket cape - Happy moving everyone! -Signing out- SWatson


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