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aluminum hand truck moving a stack of cardboard boxes across a warehouse

Hand Truck vs. Moving Dolly: What's the Difference?

Hand trucks and moving dollies are two popular moving equipment options when it comes to transporting heavy and bulky objects. While they serve a similar purpose, there are significant differences between these tools that impact their performance and suitability for specific tasks.

Read on as we explain what these two tools are, the different types, and how they are used. We also go through the different benefits and uses each one possesses and how to use this information to choose the right hand truck or moving dolly for your needs.

What is a Hand Truck?

Hand trucks, also known as two-wheelers or sack trucks, are designed to make transporting heavy objects much easier and safer. These L-shaped objects typically consist of a simple frame, two wheels, and a handle. The durable, yet lightweight, materials of these devices allows them to withstand against heavy cargo and make assembling them easy to do.

These devices are incredibly maneuverable, allowing users to tip the device back and roll it through tight spaces, narrow hallways, and doorways effortlessly. The leverage movers receive when using these items provides less muscular strain and more efficient moving.

Types of Hand Trucks

US Cargo Control offers a wide range of hand trucks, each suited for different uses. When buying this item, consider the kinds of items or cargo you plan on hauling, as well as where you'll be using these hand trucks.

There are three types of these devices that we offer:

1. Upright Hand Truck

aluminum hand truck with pneumatic tires for moving mid-range cargo

Upright hand trucks are generally made of aluminum for lighter and easier moving. Their versatility makes them perfect for hauling typical items like boxes and other tall items. 


2. Appliance Hand Truck

steel appliance hand truck from us cargo control

If you plan on hauling heavier items such as appliances or furniture, then appliance hand trucks are the preferred choice. Made of heavy-duty steel, these devices can handle heavier loads and have additional features to better secure your loads.


3. Convertible Hand Truck

aluminum convertible hand truck from us cargo control

Lastly, the convertible hand truck offers the best of multiple worlds between maneuverability, leverage, and larger surface area. Made of the same aluminum material as uprights, this version includes a collapsible platform that converts this 2-wheel device into a 4-wheel surface to handle larger and wider items.


What is a Moving Dolly?

Moving dollies are 4-wheeled moving devices that, like hand trucks, are used to make hauling heavy and bulky items easier to do. These square, flat platforms provide plenty of surface area for items like appliances, furniture, pianos, and more. Also, most moving dollies are made with double-ball bearings that swivel and make navigation much easier. 

Different types of moving dollies offer varying capacities, protective material, and modification. Overall, however, they provide the same service of durable transportation of cargo and other items within your home, shop, office, warehouse, and other places.

snap-loc heavy duty black moving dolly

    Which One is Right for Me?

    Choosing between hand trucks and moving dollies can be a confusing chore. You might think: they operate the same way, right? The short answer is: kind of. When deciding whether you want to use one over the other, consider these factors before making a purchase:

    1. Size & Weight

    First, you should ask yourself what kind of cargo you plan on hauling with these tools and how heavy these items will be. If you plan on hauling stacked items like boxes and crates, then hand trucks will probably be the preferred choice. For heavier or bulkier items, moving dollies provide the best surface area for things like appliances and furniture. 

    Check over the load capacities of each type. Generally speaking, moving dollies have a higher load capacity than hand trucks, as they are designed to handle larger items. For maximum load capacity, the Snap-Loc Heavy Duty dolly will be the best option for you.

    2. Stability

    Secondly, consider the support you need from your preferred choice of moving equipment. For hand trucks, the support is provided primarily through the back frame and handle. Moving dollies, on the other hand, offer a more stable base for various types of cargo, no matter how heavy or irregularly-shaped they are. You can also strap your cargo to the dolly with ratchet straps to keep it secure during transport.

    3. Maneuverability

    Another thing to consider is how maneuverable you need your device to be. Hand trucks provide the best accessibility since they mostly work with cargo items that clear doors, hallways, and other openings. This is particularly advantageous for areas with limited spaces. Whereas moving dollies, while they provide better support for bulkier cargo, requires more space to turn and change direction, suitable for more open areas like warehouses.

    4. Price

    Lastly, pricing can have an affect on which type of moving device you plan on buying. Generally speaking, hand trucks tend to be more expensive than moving dollies given the materials they are each made with. 

    Get Moving Supplies from US Cargo Control

    Hand trucks and moving dollies only scratch the surface of moving supplies that we offer at US Cargo Control. As a leading expert in the cargo control industry, we know the importance of having durable, high-quality moving equipment, and that's just what we provide. 

    If you're unsure which moving supplies you need, then contact our team of product experts to get the items that you want, when you need it!

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