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Terrier Rail Lifting Clamps

2 Products

Terrier TSRC 5 Ton Rail Lifting Screw Clamp - 956555

Standard Lead Time 7-10 business days.


Terrier TRC 1-1/2 Ton Rail Lifting Clamp - 815000

Standard Lead Time 7-10 business days.

Terrier TRC clamps are made for horizontal rail lifting and turning of rail profiles. They feature special rail profile cams and a safety mechanism ensures the clamp does not slip when force is applied or the load is lowered. The jaw opening is 1.57" to 2.95".

Terrier TSRC clamps are able to lift more weight than the TRC and are specially designed for lifting or transporting rail and crane rail sections. They lift ASCE 12# through ASCE 175#.
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