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Screw Pin Twisted Shackles - SS

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Screw Pin Twisted Shackle Stainless Steel

WLL 520 lbs.
BS 2,080 lbs.
Starting at

Screw pin twisted shackles are forged to create a 90 degree twist, allowing the two attachment points to be perpendicular without torquing.

The twisted design is useful for applications with a hook-up perpendicular to the shackle. By having it twisted 90 degrees, the shackle allows for attachments from the side rather than the front of the shackle.

The screw pin can be fully removed from the body of the shackle. It"s best for use in applications that are temporary, or require repeated and/or quick connections and disconnections.

Forged in a type 316 stainless steel, which contains the element molybdenum to offer increased resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in high chloride environments like marine environments.

Please note: The Work Load Limit (WLL) listed is the minimum limit, actual WLL may be higher. Actual appearance of product may vary from photo.

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