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Stainless Steel D Rings

3 Products

2-5/16" Mounting Ring Stainless Steel T316 - 2,000 lbs

WLL 2,000 lbs.
BS 6,000 lbs.


1" Mounting Ring Stainless Steel T316 - 266 lbs

WLL 266 lbs.
BS 800 lbs.


Stainless Steel Recessed Flush Mount D-Ring

WLL 266 lbs.
Starting at

Stainless Steel D-Ring Tie Downs

Type 316 stainless steel D-rings are the ideal choice for marine / high moisture environments.

This version of stainless steel includes a component known as molybdenum that improves the corrosion-resistance. Additionally, when exposed to the elements, this stainless D-ring will form a passive layer of corrosion on its surface that helps protect the core from deteriorating. These factors come together to extend the life of your D-ring.

What are Stainless Steel Tie Down Anchors Used For?

D-rings are a versatile accessory commonly used in the transportation industry. They can be mounted almost anywhere to provide an anchor point for your cargo securement setup.

Mounting Bracket D-Rings

Mounting D-rings are suitable for most applications, but provide an extra advantage if you need to add an anchor point in a tighter space. These stainless steel D-rings are designed to take up less room than those with a circular fitting.

Flush-Mount D-Rings

This style of stainless steel tie down will fit flush against the surface of your trailer wall or floor, making it perfect for lightweight vehicle applications. You can easily access these rings, so loading and unloading is simple.


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