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    Round Slings

    Synthetic Round Slings

    Round slings consist of two layers: the inside strands or yarn that give the sling its strength, and the tubular protective cover that helps to extend the sling's working life.

    These versatile slings offer a variety of benefits, including a lightweight, pliable design. Round lifting slings are better able to conform to a load, and can be used in vertical, choker, and basket hitches.

    Additionally, the polyester cover is water-resistant, meaning you won't have to worry about mildew or rot. It protects the inner yarn from dirt, grease, UV-degradation, and other job-related damage.

    Round Lifting Sling Types

    We offer roundslings with inner strands constructed from either polyester or ultra high modulus polyethylene (UHMPE). Both are advantageous in different ways.


    Polyester round slings are the more affordable choice. They are available in two styles: endless and eye and eye, both of which can be used in similar applications.

    High Performance

    High performance roundslings are more lightweight than comparable polyester options, and have 75% less elongation, making them the ideal choice for low headroom applications. They are also available with higher working load limits.


    Not sure which sling is right for your application? Call to speak to one of our product specialists today!