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    Peerless Products

    Peerless Chain Products

    Peerless is part of the Kito Crosby global brand. Kito Crosby offers more than 250 years of expertise in the rigging and lifting industry, and prioritizes safety and innovation in all of their work.

    Our Peerless products include grade 100 lifting chain, grade 100 lifting hooks, and ratchet loadbinders.

    Peerless Lifting Chain

    Peerless grade 100 chain can be purchased either by the foot or in a drum. It has a black Thermadep finish and a high strength-to-weight ratio.

    V10 Lifting Hooks

    V10 Peerless hooks come in a variety of styles and are compatible with grade 100 chain.

    Ratchet Binders

    The Peerless ratchet binders are available in both the Ratchet Binder Plus and Quikbinder Plus lines for chain sizes 5/16-1/2". They also come in kits with grade 70 or 80 transport chain included, although the chain is not from Peerless.


    If you need any assistance finding the right Peerless product for you, get in touch! Our product experts can answer any questions you may have.