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Star Warning Systems Class 2 Tall dome - Magnetic Mount



Star Warning Systems Class 2 Short dome - Permanent Mount



Star Warning Systems Class 2 Tall dome - Permanent Mount



Beacon lights rated as Class 2 are not as bright as those LED beacon lights rated as a Class 1, so they are intended for use on vehicles not in or traveling to emergency situations. Rather, a Class 2 beacon light is installed on vehicles that travel on the roads but do their work alongside traffic or may block roadways, such as utility trucks and cars, construction vehicles, dump trucks, etc.

These Class 2 beacon lights are typically amber in color so they are also called an "Amber Beacon" or "Amber LED Beacons" in the industry. Additional colors or clear lenses are also available upon request. Because they relay the beacon light pattern using strobe technology, rather than a traditional rotating light, strobe beacons offer a variety of light flash patterns, including a steady-on option.

We offer both Whelen beacons and Star beacon warning lights, two of the most trusted names in the industry. All meet or exceed SAE class regulations, and all are available in permanent mount or magnetic mount to easily attach to a wide variety of vehicles. Both tall dome and short dome options are also available for our Star and Whelen beacon lights.

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