Crosby® 419 Snatch Blocks with Shackle

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419 McKissick® Sheave Blocks with Shackle

Wire rope insertion into your snatch block shouldn't be a hassle. And with this snatch block with shackle, it won't be! The opening feature design lets you insert the wire even if the block is suspended, and you won't have to reeve the wire.

Another benefit of this McKissick® blocks is the bolt setup. It doesn't come off even when you are using the opening feature, so you can't lose it.

The center pin come with a pressure lube fitting, and the swivel tees, yokes, and shackles are all made from forged steel.

Light Champion Sheave Shackle Block Bearings

These snatch blocks with shackles come with either bronze bushing or roller bearings.

Which one you choose depends on several factors, including your operation speed:

  • Bronze bushing are best suited for slow-speed operations.
  • Roller bearings are best suite for high-speed operations.

Crosby® Sheave Blocks Quality

Crosby® McKissick® 419 blocks are made with high quality and durability in mind.

They meet or exceed all provisions set by the ASME B30.26 - requirements include design factor, identification ductility, temperature requirements, and proof load.

They also meet critical performance factors that aren't addressed by ASME B30.26, such as material traceability and fatigue life.


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