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1" Cambuckle Straps

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    1" Cam Strap w/ S-Hook

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    1" Orange Cam Strap w/ S-Hook and Keeper

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    1" Endless Cam Strap w/ Wear Pad

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    Cam buckle straps are excellent for light duty tie down applications. They"re especially good for securing cargo that"s more fragile since they can"t be over-tightened as can happen with a ratchet.

    Also called cam straps, cambuckle straps, or cambuckle tie downs, these handy tie downs are faster to secure than ratchet straps- simply pull the free end of the strap to tighten.

    Cam buckle straps tension by a small spring inside the buckle and teeth that latch into the webbing to keep it from moving. This method also ensures against over-tightening since it can only be tensioned as strong as the user"s own strength, unlike a ratcheting mechanism.

    The quick pull tensioning method makes cam buckle tie downs popular for using as motorcycle ties downs, wheel nets, and other motorsports uses.

    Spring e-fittings are also common on cam straps, which can then be attached to E-track on trailer floors or walls. To see our full selection of E-track rails and E-track straps, visit our E-Track Staps & Tie Downs page.

    The webbing on our cambuckle tie downs is an abrasion-resistant polyester. Because polyester has minimal stretch, absorbs very little water, and resists damage from UV rays, it remains durable and tough even under harsh outside conditions.

    Hardware for our cambuckle straps range from S-hooks to wire hooks, but straps can be customized as needed. Please call our sales team for more information.