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Using Retractable Ratchet Straps from U.S. Cargo Control

Why Use Retractable Ratchet Straps as a Transom Tie Down?

1" retractable ratchet strap black webbing

What Are Retractable Ratchet Straps?

A 1'' retractable ratchet strap used as a transom tie down.

Retractable ratchet straps are often used as transom tie downs or as a general tie downs for recreational watercraft. The transom is the area of a boat that supports the outboard motor or a step/dive platform if the boat has an inboard motor.

Retractable straps work as a transom tie down to keep the boat secured to the trailer and to prevent it from bouncing while in transport.

Retractable strap are designed specifically to prevent webbing from tangling and flapping during the drive. Simply press the quick button release to automatically retract the strap. That feature will protect the webbing and keep it from tangling. 

Retractable Straps from U.S. Cargo Control


USCC retractable straps feature 1'' industrial grade, black webbing and come with fittings with vinyl coated, heavy-duty S-hooks.

US Cargo Control retractable ratchet straps contain polyester webbing with a 4.5k break strength. Polyester is safe to use in the water and sun, because it won't stretch, mold or rot. These straps also resist damages caused by UV rays, water, gas and oils.

You can by these products singularly, or get them in both 2-Pack or 4-Pack bundles of straps. If these retractable ratchet straps don't fit your needs, then check out our other ratchet strap options.

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