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Which Moving Blankets are the Most Popular?

Which Moving Blankets are the Most Popular?

Moving blankets, also known as moving pads are used to protect items from the general wear and tear of a move.

US Cargo Control offers a variety of moving pads designed for different jobs. The blankets are sorted into three categories: best, better and good for easy selection. Each category features a top seller, read below as we breakdown some of the benefits of the best-selling blankets.


Featured in the best category, the Supreme moving blanket is popular among moving companies, furniture movers and some DIY movers who plan to reuse the pads. Supreme blankets are made with a woven cotton/polyester blend of fabric and a woven polyester binding. The combination of materials makes for a heavy-duty, exceptionally durable blanket. This style of blanket is machine-washable (line-dry).

Supreme Moving Blankets
Supreme Moving Blankets

Mega Mover

Featured in the better category, the Mega Mover moving blanket is a top-buy among those moving themselves. This pad is made with woven polyester and a non-woven polyester binding. The Mega Mover can be used repeatedly and is good for protecting items while moving and in storage.

Mega Mover Moving Blanket

Econo Saver

Featured in the good category, the Econo Saver is a lightweight blanket that is frequently used by moving companies and do-it-yourself movers. Econo Saver blankets are made with non-woven polyester and non-woven polyester binding. These blankets are a great option for those looking to use the pads a few times or for limited purposes.

image of economy moving blanket
Econo Saver Moving Blanket
US Cargo Control offers 10 different moving blankets. Visit the company website to learn more or call one of the moving supplies experts toll-free at 800-867-1210.
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