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Why use a wire rope thimble?

Why Use a Wire Rope Thimble?


Anytime a wire rope bends to attach to a hanging point, you risk the eye becoming crushed under tension. This addition of a wire rope thimble to the eye consequently protects the rope by guiding it into a natural curve and creating an extra layer of support. Adding this protection not only provides a measure of safety, but it also increases the working life of the wire rope. These products are available in a range of strengths and materials:

Types of Wire Rope Thimbles


Standard/light duty zinc plated thimble

1. Standard/Light Duty

Our line of standard and light duty thimbles are zinc plated and available in multi-packs.

2. Heavy Duty

Similarly, heavy duty wire rope thimbles are also zinc plated like standard or light duty thimbles. However, they contain a stronger coating from hot-dip galvanization, which makes them stronger than standard or light duty models.

3. Type 304

Manufactured in stainless steel, a Type 304 indication offers resistance to corrosion on the surface.

4. Regular/Light Duty 316

Regular 316 thimbles are sold in multi-packs. However, they offer a 316 stainless steel material to make them resistant to high moisture or corrosive environments, particularly in marine applications.

5. Heavy Duty 316

A corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel combines with a heavy duty design, great for tough applications in marine environments.

Heavy duty Type 304 stainless steel thimble

6. Heavy Duty 304

Heavy Duty 304 stainless steel offers corrosion resistance, ideal for general heavy duty uses where the thimble endures the outdoor elements

7. Extra Heavy Duty 304

While not as corrosion-resistant as type 316 stainless steel, these wire rope thimbles offer the highest strength.

How to Apply Wire Rope Clips to Wire Rope

Check out the video below on how to use thimbles when applying to wire rope. Read our blog on How to Safely Apply Wire Rope Clips to Wire Rope Assemblies.

If you want to shop from our full selection of waire rope thimbles, shackles, turnbuckles, and more, then check out our Rigging Supplies & Rigging Hardware category. For any question, call (866) 444-9990 or email to speak with one of our product experts.

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