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$199 away from FREE SHIPPING
$199 away from FREE SHIPPING
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New Products: 3" Ratchet Straps & 4" Ratchet Straps

4" Ratchet Strap with D-ring from US Cargo Control
4" Ratchet Strap with D-ring

Our selection of tie down straps continues to grow, this time in our 3" ratchet straps and 4" ratchet straps categories. We've added more than 100 new straps in four different color choices (blue, red, green, and yellow) and a range of lengths. End fittings include wire J-hooks, chain extensions, and flat hooks. Our 4" ratchet straps are also available with D-ring fittings.

Benefits of our 3" ratchet strap and 4" ratchet strap

Stronger webbing Our 3" tie downs are manufactured with a polyester webbing that has a break strength of 20,000 lbs., which is usually only found in 4" straps. This means you get the webbing strength and abrasion-resistance in a slimmer, less bulky tie down. Need a 4" ratchet strap with even more strength? Check out our line of heavy duty BlackLine 4" ratchet straps, which are manufactured with a 24K webbing.

3? x 40? Ratchet Strap with Flat Hooks from US Cargo Control
3? x 40? Ratchet Strap with Flat Hooks

Color choices

3" Ratchet Strap with Wire Hooks

While yellow is the traditional color for ratchet straps and other tie downs, we also stock green, red, and blue straps. These are perfect if you’d like to coordinate them with the colors of a truck, or a company logo for a professional look. Our 4" straps are also available in the gray/black combination of our BlackLine straps. Custom colors are also available by calling our sales team.

4" Chain Extension Ratchet Straps with Grade 70 Transport Chain
4" Chain Extension Ratchet Straps with Grade 70 Transport Chain

Hardware -Flat hooks have a powder coat finish and a defender at the slot opening. This design protects the webbing at the point of contact, which reduces wear and tear and increases the working life of the tie down.

  • Wire hooks are extremely versatile because their slimmer profile can be used in a variety of tie down points- even those where a traditional flat hook won’t fit.
  • Chain extensions are manufactured with grade 70 transport chain for exceptional strength.
  • A D-ring option on our 4" ratchet straps are also excellent for easily and quickly attaching the strap to nearly any type of hook installed on the wall or floor of a trailer. D-rings are forged for long life and high strength.
  • Our ratchet assemblies feature a handle that’s slightly longer and wider so it’s easier to grip and more comfortable when ratcheting into place.
  • All of our metal hardware pieces - including the ratchets - have a yellow zinc coating for protection from weathering.
Custom ratchet straps are always an option.
Custom ratchet straps are always an option.
We're happy to be able to offer a wider selection of products, and always welcome suggestions from our customers. And as with all of our tie downs, custom straps are always available, whether it be a special length, color, ratchet style, or hooks. Give our sales team a call at 866-444-9990 to learn more or to place an order.
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