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New Product: Sliding Ratchet Strap

New Product: Sliding Ratchet Strap

Easy-to-Use Tie Downs

US Cargo Control has added a convenient new sliding ratchet strap that secures light- to medium-duty cargo to our full line of cargo securement products. This one-piece sliding ratchet strap works well for normal, everyday use. The strap is made with industrial-grade webbing, and is 1.25 inches wide and eight feet long. Vinyl-coated S-hooks on each end help to tie down cargo.
Sliding Ratchet Strap

Sliding Ratchet Strap

The sliding ratchet strap is a great tool for the weekend warrior needing to secure cargo such as furniture, coolers or recreational vehicles in the back of their pickup or trailer. Because the strap has a higher break strength and working load limit than our traditional 1-inch straps, it is also appropriate for professionals who don't require heavier-duty straps.
Sliding ratchet straps are remarkably easy to use to tie down your cargo and ensure you have the leverage necessary to tighten and secure your load.
Sliding Ratchet Strap Storage

Sliding Ratchet Strap Storage

Instead of the ratchet being in a fixed location, the user can adjust the position of the ratchet making it easier to position in a spot where you’ll have plenty of room to tighten and release. The user has the freedom to place the ratchet in whichever location is convenient each time the strap is ratcheted.
These straps have an assembly break strength of 2,000 lbs. and a working load limit of 667 lbs. They are priced affordably, at $6.99 each, so you can equip all your applications without breaking the bank.

Easy Storage and Maintenance

Storing these compact straps is very easy. Care and maintenance for these straps includes spraying the straps after each use with water to wash off any dirt or grime. You may use a mild soap, but it’s not necessary. Make sure the unit is fully dry before rolling up and securing with the attached Velcro strap.

How to Use a Sliding Ratchet Strap

US Cargo Control also offers a full line of ratchet straps ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty, as well as other tie down straps and systems. For questions about these new sliding ratchet straps, or any other US Cargo Control products, call us a 866-444-9990 or visit our website.

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