1" Ratchet Straps

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A ratchet tie down is a tool every handyman or cargo control specialist can find multiple uses for. You'll probably want several ratchet tie downs available any time you're securing cargo for transport. A ratchet tie-down can also come in handy for securing items for storage or against high winds.

The strap material for our 1 inch ratchet straps is industrial grade webbing. Each strap is securely stitched around the ratchet appliance and end fitting. Straps are available with wire hooks, snap hooks, s hooks and d-rings, or you can choose an endless strap for your ratchet tie-downs.

We are happy to discuss options for custom tie down straps and fittings, call customer service at 800-969-6543 to talk to one of our product experts.

The narrow width of our 1" ratchet straps and cam buckle straps means you’ll get a tie down that’s lighter in weight and less bulky than traditional 2" straps, but with the same wide-ranging options of hardware, hooks, webbing colors, and customization choices.

All of our 1" ratchet straps are manufactured with polyester webbing, which offers high strength, and resistance to water absorption and damage from the sun’s UV rays, even with repeated outdoor exposure. Because polyester will absorb minimal water, it’s also less likely to rot, mildew, or stretch under load. If you need to add extra abrasion-resistance, it’s easy to add 1" Cordura Wear Sleeves to the webbing to provide another layer of protection.

Although 1" straps are sometimes referred to as small ratchet straps or light duty ratchet straps, the polyester webbing offers break strengths ranging from 3,500 to 4,500 lbs. The working load limit of the tie down will vary by the hardware (ratchet, cam buckle, snap hook, etc.) on the tie down, so check the specifications carefully to ensure you’re getting the strength you need for the job.

If you have any questions about the right tie down for the job, give us a call at 800-969-6543, our product specialists are always happy to help.

If you don’t see the strength, webbing color, or hardware you want, let us know. We can customize a strap to fit just about any specifications. Need a bulk order of 1" ratchet straps? Let us know and we’ll work to create a custom bulk price quote.

We also sell 1" Wide Polyester Webbing by the bulk roll or in foot increments, as well as a huge assortment of Tie Down Hardware if you need to create your own 1" custom ratchet straps. Nylon webbing is also available in a wide range of sizes, including hard-to-find widths like 1.75" and 1.5". Give us a call if you need special widths like 1.5" ratchet straps.

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