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Moving Supplies Checklist: is your truck or trailer ready?

Moving Supplies Checklist: is your truck or trailer ready?

Stocking a moving truck with the right moving supplies can be a tough task – and we want to help make that process as simple as possible. At US Cargo Control, our experts have put together an equipment recommendation guide to help you furnish your truck or trailer with the moving supplies you need.

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Check out our handy guide pictured. It breaks down the types and number of recommended equipment depending on the size of the truck or trailer.

Let’s start with moving pads, also known as moving blankets. Pads are essential moving items you’ll definitely use. Our pads offer premium protection to keep your customer’s possessions safe during the move. US Cargo Control recommends our Supreme Moving Blankets, they are made from a heavy-duty cotton and polyester fabric blend. These blankets are durable and can be used over-and-over again. They are also machine-washable.

Moving skins are a must. They are good pads to have on hand for light-duty protection and packing. Skins are made of non-quilted, recycle cotton fabric filler. They are also an extremely economic choice; 24-skins come per pack

Stretch wrap is another great protector – used to bundle and secure loads, it resists puncturing and tearing even on the sharpest corners.

Mattress bags are another smart buy, used to combat dust, spills, moisture and stains. Moving isn't just about packing – professional movers also need the right tools to help them lift heavy furniture and appliances out of the house and into the truck.

We recommend several different types of dollies including a four-wheel dolly, a box dolly and an appliance truck dolly. Our four-wheel dolly is made of hard-wood and features carpeting, foam or rubber to protect the item it’s hauling. Both box and appliance styles are two-wheeled, designed to be loaded, tipped and rolled. The appliance-truck style will help with super heavy refrigerators and washing machines.

Moving straps and bands are also good for moving hefty or bulky items. The straps can help prevent injury by working larger muscle groups like shoulders, thighs and forearms, taking strain off the neck and back. Bands will keep drawers closed and secure moving pads to protect furniture during the move.

A rubber band holder is a smart buy to keep the bands organized and off the floor of the truck. Movers are often asked to haul the heaviest of items, including a piano or car.

A piano board will help crews get the expensive instrument out the door and to its next location safely. The board features three slots on each side for quick and easy attachment of e-track straps. The board is also padded to protect the piano. You’ll need a piano moving strap to secure it to the board.

If you’re responsible for moving a vehicle, auto tie downs are necessary. Make sure you know the specs for the type and style you select. A professional mover is expected to leave the house the way they found it.

Stock upon door jamb protectors, door covers and floor runners. These products are in inexpensive way to prevent damage. Full covers protect the front and back of the door, while jamb protectors can be adjusted to fit almost any door. Floor runners keep floors clean, damage-free and provide a non-slide surface for crews. The runner also wipes clean and can be rolled-up and stored until the next job. Items need to be safe and secure during transit.

US Cargo Control offers E-track straps and shoring beams to tie-down your customer's belongings. Shoring beams, also known as decking beams, are used to lock cargo in place and prevent items from sliding around inside the trailer. The beams are lightweight and can be adjusted to fit many trailers. Straps are available in variety of styles and lengths. Bulk orders come at a discount and can be customized with color and stenciling. Customization is a great way to show-off your brand and can help prevent loss or theft.

Rubber Tarp Straps should also be in the truck for light-duty tie downs. They come in a variety of lengths and bundles.

Finally, you should padlock the truck to keep thieves away from your customer’s possessions. Safety is key in maintaining a reliable, reputable moving organization.

Keep wheel-chocks on the truck and use them to secure the wheels when movers start loading. Break-downs and other emergencies do happen, so keep a set of emergency or safety triangles on hand to warn other vehicles you’re stopped on the roadway. Have a first-aid kit ready in the event of injury and a fire extinguisher around should you ever encounter flames. Some final supplies to consider: keep a toolbox in the truck or trailer in case you need it on-the-go.

We hope this list helps as you stock up for the busy moving season ahead. Our moving supplies team is happy to help with any questions. Give them a call toll free at (877)-339-1588.

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