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Must-Have Moving Supplies, Part 2


We're kicking off National Moving Month with an overview of some of our most popular moving supplies and the questions we receive about them. If you're a DIY mover, check out the first post in the series: Must-have Moving Supplies for the Do-It-Yourself Mover. If you're a professional mover, read on! Our professional moving customers count moving pads, dollies, stretch wrap, and hand trucks as essentials.

Which Moving Pads are best for long-term use?

Supreme Moving Blankets
Supreme Moving Blankets

Moving pads (another term for moving blankets), range from lightweight to ultra-heavy weight. Most professional movers will use pads in either our “Better” category or our “Best” Category. These pads are designed to withstand the day-to-day use of professional movers and will keep your clients’ items protected. To see all of our moving blankets pads in a side-by-side comparison chart, click over to the Moving Blankets & Moving Pads page.

Which H-Dolly is most popular?

We have four types of H-style moving dollies:

The two most popular styles are the standard H, which includes a flat top with rubber tread and 800 lbs. capacity and the rubber cap, which is also an 800 lbs. load capacity and has two end caps for securing large items – also known as a Chicago Dolly.
Snap-Loc Moving Dolly
Snap-Loc Moving Dolly

Lately, we've received a lot of requests for dollies with large load capacities and we're happy to be able to offer the Snap-Loc Dolly. With a 1,500 lbs. load capacity, e-track compatibility, and an available Connector Strap to connect two together to increase surface area, it's perfect for professional movers.

What are my options on stretch wrap?

We currently stock two different styles of stretch wrap, both can be purchased in case quantities of four rolls per box or pallet quantities (96 rolls per shipment):

  • Blown Stretch Wrap comes in an 80 gauge strength. This is a more traditional style, often used by professional movers to secure moving pads around couches and hardwood furniture.
  • Torque ® Pre-Stretched Stretch Wrap is becoming the top-choice for our customers in the moving industry. The roll is about 1/3 lighter than the weight of the blown stretch wrap. Plus, it’s already stretched and the amount of pressure required to wrap items is reduced which makes it much easier to apply. One of the best features of the pre-stretched style is the double hemmed edge on the rim of the roll. This makes it stronger and more damage resistant. Accidentally drop a roll of this stretch wrap off a truck and it will not dent like traditional stretch wrap!

What style of Hand Trucks are available?

The Hand Truck is an essential piece of equipment for all movers. Our universal US Cargo Control Hand Trucks allow you to choose the style that best suits your needs. Handle options include: vertical loop, pin, round top and double grip. We also both standard and wide noseplates availalbe. Accessory items include: stair climbers, an extension nose plate and Hand Truck covers.

With so many options available, we're happy to discuss with you what might work best for your needs. As always, you can call us or drop us an e-mail:

Phone: (800) 867-1210 / Email:

Happy moving everyone!

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