How to Choose a Recovery Strap or Tow Strap

By Christine Halvorsen • 12.08.21
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While the terms recovery strap and tow strap are often used interchangeably, these straps can be very different and are usually used for different purposes.

Recovery vs. Tow Strap

Recovery Strap 

  • Made of nylon for a higher stretch value.
  • Works to "recover" an immobilized vehicle.
  • Sometimes also called snatch straps for the ability to "snatch" a vehicle from a stuck position.
  • Also used for towing applications.

Tow Strap

  • Generally made of polyester with very little to no stretch value.
  • Used for towing a "free-wheeling" vehicle behind another.
  • Usually has a hook on each end.
  • Don't use for recovering a vehicle because of the lack of stretch increases the chances that the strap could snap.

Read more at our blog Auto Recovery Straps vs. Tow Straps.

Straps from U.S. Cargo Control

Our straps are designed to be used for towing and getting vehicles and other equipment unstuck. The nylon fabrication has some stretch, so it's ideal for recovery uses and the loops or "eyes" offer more flexibility than traditional straps that have hooks already attached. All straps also feature CORDURA® fabric insets at the eyes to provide extra protection at wear points.

Our recovery / tow straps are made in the USA for quality you can count on.

Our straps come in a variety of widths: from 2" to 12" as well as lengths, and custom lengths are also available by calling our sales team. Variations in our straps also include the number of plies - from 1 to 4 - so you get the strength you need in the width you want. (A narrow strap can be made stronger with additional plies).

Not sure what size tow / recovery strap you need? Check out this video as our Sales Specialist Charlie goes over the basics of choosing the right strap:

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