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Have a College-Bound Kid? 9 Tips to Help Tackle the Move

Have a College-Bound Kid? 9 Tips to Help Tackle the Move

moving day

The summer moving season is still in full swing, which means college moving time is coming up fast! If this is your first time sending off a son or daughter, take a look at some moving tips we've compiled to make the move to dorm life a smooth one.

1. Keep hanging clothes on hangers.

This will save time and space once you've arrived. Rather than having to unpack folded clothes and then hang them, you’ll be able to open a box and put them away immediately. Wardrobe boxes work great, and offer a space on the bottom for shoes, bags, or other small items.

If you don’t have room for wardrobe boxes, group hangers together in small groups and cover with large plastic garbage bags, poking the hanger tops through the top of the bag. Don’t forget to pack a few extra hangers for those college sweatshirts and t-shirts that most like will be purchased throughout the year.

2. Invest in a hand truck.

This can turn several trips to and from the car into just few.

3. Don’t forget the bungee cords.

Great for strapping smaller items to the hand truck, bundling items together for easy carrying, keeping box tops secured, holding doors open, etc. Big rubber bands are also a good option.

4. Unpack before you go.

Be sure and un-package anything you can before you leave home, i.e., dorm refrigerator, new toaster, etc. This will save space in the vehicle and will save time once you arrive. Plus, you won’t have to be concerned with disposing of more empty boxes or haul them back home.

Also assemble items if possible too- put a light bulb in the desk lamp, batteries in the TV remote, etc.

5. Organize at home.

On a similar note as #4, pack storage drawers and under bed boxes at home before you set off for campus. If your child plans to use a plastic storage drawers, consider arranging them at home with the items he or she intends to put in them. Once you arrive, it’s ready to go, and also saves unpacking a box or two.

6. Take pictures.

Snap photos of the dorm room before move-in to document any missing drawer knobs, marks on the walls, etc. This way when move-out day arrives in the spring you won’t be charged for any miscellaneous damage/issues.

7. Label everything.

Be sure and label all boxes, bags, etc. with name, dorm and room number before you even pack them in your car. Some colleges have crews ready and waiting at the curb to help families unload. Making sure everything is labeled will ensure it all gets to the right room.

8. Pack in order.

Pack bedding in your son or daughter’s laundry sack or hamper in order of how you’ll make the bed: comforter on bottom, sheets in the middle, pillow cases/shams on the top. SpaceBags are also a great way to pack bulky linens. Also pack a bag with essentials you know you’ll need right away: chargers, power strip, etc.

9. Add these to your list:

  • Extension cord
  • Trash bags
  • Scissors
  • Command hooks
  • Duct tape
  • Broom
  • Batteries
  • Fan
  • Paper towels
  • Door stop
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Tools
  • Quarters for vending machine, washing machine, parking meter, etc.
Being as prepared as possible before you even leave the house is the best way to start this life-changing journey. Have some college moving tips to share? Please add them below!
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