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Cargo Pads

Cargo Pads

Cargo pads from US Cargo Control are a great investment for moving your furniture and fragile items safely. US Cargo Control offers three qualities of cargo pads to help you in any situation. Our "Good" category is perfect for the one time mover. These lightweight blankets are made out of non-woven polyester fabric and have a non-woven binding. They are perfect for those moving on a budget but still need protection for their items. The "Better" category is good for someone who is moving once and wants extra padding for their belongings, or for someone who is going to move multiple times. These mid weight blankets are made out of a mixture of woven polyester and non-woven poly binding. The "Best" category of cargo pads is made from a cotton and polyester blend fabric and is perfect for moving companies or heavy usage. With thousands of cargo pads in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control is ready to help you with your moving needs.
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