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3 Popular Heavy-Duty Cargo Nets for Pickup Truck Beds

Quick & Easy Ways to Secure a Load in the Back of Your Truck

If you’re looking for a convenient way to secure lots of different cargo in your pickup truck bed, and want something a little heavier duty than our bungee cargo nets, we have three heavy-duty cargo nets to choose from. These truck bed nets have all received high ratings from our customers, so we thought we’d share the different options available to you, including custom cargo nets.

1. Extra Short Bed Truck Cargo Net – 42” x 50”


42" x 50" pickup truck cargo net

The smallest of our heavy-duty truck bed nets, these versatile nets have four straps that each have a vinyl S-hook for attachment and a 2” cam buckle for securement. They’re made with industrial grade 2” black polyester webbing for a strong and durable hold on your cargo. Each hole opening is 6” x 6” and the straps are attached to the net with a D-ring.

2. Short Bed Truck Cargo Net – 66” x 50”


66" x 50" pickup truck cargo net

Other than overall size, this popular mid-size truck bed net offers all the same features found on the extra short truck bed net: four vinyl S-hooks, 2” cam buckles, 6”x6” hole openings, and D-rings.

Customer Review

Product was exactly as described and made from heavy duty webbing. I was surprised on how well made it was and fits my 2016 Ford F-150 Lariat properly. Shipping was fast and the order processed as requested. Great product and very good customer service.

Kevin, 2018

3. Long Bed Truck Cargo Net – 82” x 50”


82" x 50" pickup truck cargo net

Get over 6-feet of coverage with these long truck bed nets. Perfect for covering cargo on full-size truck beds. Other than the added coverage area, hardware and other construction specs are similar to the shorter nets listed above.

Customer Review

Used this purchase yesterday to drive 290 miles covering a load of children's rockers and swings...very pleased with sturdy hold down in wind.

Doug, 2018

Custom Truck Bed Nets

Looking for a different heavy-duty net? Then let us know what your ideal net would include and we’ll mock up a design for you to look at. After we mock up our design, our in-house manufacturing team gets to work creating your cargo net masterpiece to your exact specifications.

Custom Net Options

With our nets, you have the power to choose the webbing width, color, hardware, hole sizes, and of course the overall size.

Color Options

Choose between polyester webbing pieces, then select a color from the color palette below.

custom cargo net color options from USCC

Hardware Options

There are many different hardware options to choose from, including your choice of securement hardware like ratchets or cam buckles, plus end fitting options like vinyl coated hooks, flat snap hooks, D-rings, E-track, and more. You also can choose how many grommets you want included.

cam buckle or ratchet strap options and end fittings for custom cargo nets

Size Options

Finally, get your tape measure out and determine your ideal net length and height, plus the overall length (end fittings included). Then choose the hole size you want depending on the cargo you will typically be hauling.


choosing your custom cargo net size chart

Learn more about cargo nets from US Cargo Control.

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