Compression Load Cells
Compression load cells are used to calculate center of gravity of large and heavy objects common in the heavy lift and structural weighing industry. Straightpoint compression load cells are an industry leader for both their compact size and wireless capabilities. These powerful compression load cells can handle loads up to 1,000-ton.

LoadSafe Compression Load Cells

LoadSafe is a wireless compression load cell from Straightpoint that saves time and money by wirelessly and accurately monitoring your load. When combined with Straightpoint’s software, you can read and monitor up to 100 wireless compression load cells from your computer or tablet and generate real time test certificates on site, all from a safe distance.

Wired Compression Loadcells

Straightpoint’s compression load cell with cable is an analog load cell equipped with a 30-foot output cable. In order to see readings, this cabled load cell requires a connection to Straightpoint’s Handheld Plus Controller (sold separately).

Loadblock Plus

Loadblock Plus is a compact load cell with lower capacity ratings compared to other compression load cells from Straightpoint. The Loadblock Plus is self-indicating but can pair with an HHP Handheld Plus for monitoring from a safe distance.