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Cargo Nets for Pickup Trucks and Trailers

A cargo net is an excellent way to secure a variety of items – whether you are hauling a trailer full of merchandise across the country or moving some furniture in your pickup. Their one-piece design is easy-to-use and easy-to-store – you don’t have to worry about setting up a bunch of unconnected straps, securing each and every strap to an anchor point, or compensating for uneven coverage because the straps aren't laying correctly.

Instead, you can unfold, arrange, and attach it in a matter of minutes.

USCC offers a variety of styles so it's not hard to find the ideal one for your application. Choices include heavy duty cargo nets for trailers, specialized motorcycle cargo nets, versatile mesh cargo nets, and light duty truck bed nets for use in pickup truck tie down applications.

Multiple sizes are available: we carry both large cargo nets and small cargo nets for most of the styles.

Light Duty Nets

Light duty nets, as the name implies, secure light loads. Generally used in pickup truck beds, they help prevent movement that can damage your cargo. We also offer motorcycle nets to add storage space to your bike.

Hook End Fittings

Most light duty nets come with hook end fittings, making them quite versatile. Cargo nets with hooks can be incorporated into a variety of different setups, since they don't require a specific form of track or attachment to work.

A simple way to customize your setup when you have a net with hooks is just to install D-rings in your truck bed or trailer.

Truck Cargo Nets

Our cargo nets for trucks are made of a tough, 2'' wide polyester webbing. They stretch around the cargo in the bed of a truck and easily attach to the side rail or anchor rings.

The polyester truck bed nets have four straps with S-hooks, making setup and release painless. They also have cam buckles, giving you more control over how tightly the net holds down the cargo. And since polyester isn't particularly stretchy, your cargo is less likely to bounce.

Bungee Cargo Nets

These are created using a high-quality bungee material for added flexibility.

Our bungee netting has a series of removable plastic attachment hooks and is ideal for bulky cargo. The stretchiness of the bungee material lets it better accommodate oddly-shaped items. The removable hooks allow for some additional customization of your tie down setup.

Heavy Duty Cargo Nets

These will keep your cargo from shifting and moving in a trailer. They are made of 2 inch black polyester webbing. The standard sizes have 8” square hole openings to prevent smaller cargo from slipping through and getting damaged.

The typical adjustment range for the nets we carry is 94" to 110".

E-Track End Fittings

All of the heavy-duty nets come with spring E-fittings – so if you have E-track installed in your trailer, your setup will be a breeze. They are also all adjustable, with two types of built-in hardware to choose from.

Ratchet Hardware

A heavy duty cargo net with ratchets is perfect for applications where you need superior tension. The ratcheting mechanism allows you to tighten the net significantly more than if you were using cam buckles, so you can feel confident your cargo will stay in place.

Cam Buckle Hardware

If you have fragile cargo, a cargo net with cam buckles is the way to go. Since cam buckles don’t have a ratcheting mechanism and instead rely on operator strength, you don’t have to worry about overtightening the net and possibly damaging your haul. Cam buckles are also easier to adjust and release.

Custom Cargo Nets

Can't find a product that meets your specifications? We can create a custom net! Depending on your needs, you choose the ideal webbing width and color, end hardware (including E- and L-track fittings), hole size, and overall net dimensions.

Whether you want a large cargo net with E-track end fittings or a small net with S-hooks, call to talk with one of our product specialists to learn more about your options. We can provide you with a quote and even help you place your order!

Looking for a different way to secure your haul? We also carry load bars and locks that will prevent unwanted shifting - some are even designed to work with E-track! We offer a variety of tie down straps as well, such as ratchet straps, winch straps, E-track straps, L-straps, and more.

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