What’s with the Orange: Why Should I Buy Bright Wheel Chocks?

By Christine Halvorsen • 12.08.21
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Wheel chocks are a fairly inexpensive piece of safety equipment used to prevent trucks and trailers from unintentionally rolling or tipping when the vehicle is parked for loading and unloading or maintenance.

US Cargo Control offers several styles and sizes of wheel chocks designed to work with several different types of trucks. All of the wheel chocks are available in a traditional black color, but some come in bright orange as well. What’s up with the orange color?


Urethane Wheel Chocks


Orange Wheel Chocks

Several customers had contacted US Cargo Control asking if they could get ahold of brightly colored wheel chocks. It was becoming a common problem for their employees to leave behind or misplace black colored chocks. The problem? Basically, black wheel chocks didn’t stand out.

Moving forward, several customers thought it might be a good idea to invest in vibrant wheel chocks, making it difficult for drivers and crews to misplace or forget them. The bright color catches the attention of the driver or crew as they are pulling out, making it much less likely for the chocks to be left behind. For many companies, it’s been a smart investment.

Orange Offerings

US Cargo Control offers two styles of wheel chocks in orange. The Urethane Wheel Chock is made of durable urethane and is very visible as it comes in a vibrant, orange color. This style of chock comes in several sizes and is sold in single quantities or sets of two.

The Pyramid Wheel Chock also comes in orange and is available in single or two pack quantities. This specific style is a double sided pyramid, meaning it can be used on either side. It also features an eye-bolt and is made with heavy, duty rubber.

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