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USCC's Adam Shouse Wraps Up IMTA Leadership Forum

USCC's Adam Shouse Wraps Up IMTA Leadership Forum

IMTA Leadership forum in session

Back in April, we caught up with Adam Shouse, Business Development Consultant with U.S. Cargo Control, about his selection to the 2022 Iowa Truck Motor Association's (IMTA) Leadership Group, where he met with other members of the trucking industry to talk about the challenges they face and the different ways to support everyone involved, as well as how they plan to make an impact for the next generation of truckers.

Now, with these sessions complete, Shouse feels he has a better grasp of what it means to be an advocate for both truckers and customers of the industry.

About the IMTA Leadership Forum

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The IMTA Leadership Forum is an annual program that consists of sessions scheduled between March and September. These sessions provide its members with interactive and educational opportunities aimed at enhancing their leadership and communication skills. They also allow for rising leaders in the trucking industry to come together and share and discuss issues that the trucking industry faces and how to solve these problems.

Shouse was selected to be a member of the IMTA Leadership Class of 2022 after hearing about it through networking. He became the first person from U.S. Cargo Control to become a member of this group. However, he doesn't want it to stop with just him.

"I want to continue and push U.S. Cargo Control and my teammates to create a strong partnership with IMTA," he said, mentioning the benefits of connecting with such an important group as a leader of the trucking and transportation industry.

Leadership Development

One of the main goals from these sessions is demonstrating superior leadership skills, regardless of your role in your organization.

"The sessions really emphasized I need to be an active leader in my own company. You don't have to be in a formal leadership role to lead for your own company," said Shouse.

Throughout the sessions, members like Shouse identified and developed their leadership communication skills, discussed ways to communicate openly and confidently with purpose, and finally how to communicate respectfully with other people of different personality types. Inherently, these members stepped outside of their "comfort zones" in order to put their skills to the test in things like presentations, discussions, and meetings with members of the state legislation.

These sessions also discussed how leadership is a never-ending journey of growth, no matter how long they worked for. Above all, being a great leader requires commitment to becoming a great leader. 

Iowa state capitol building


The one session that stuck out most for Shouse was visiting the Iowa State Capitol Building. He spoke with state representatives about the process of advocating for the trucking industry and its initiatives.

The IMTA maintains several relationships with multiple government agencies like the Iowa Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Iowa Department of Public Safety, and more. The association also established the Truck PAC Iowa, which assures the trucking industry and business in general is considered at the statehouse. This group was created in 1942 in response to little representation of the trucking industry at the State Capitol.

"I found it extremely informative," Shouse said. "I gained a deeper appreciation for all the individuals that represent our industry in those government roles." 

Impact of the IMTA

Adam Shouse US Cargo Control

For Shouse, his passion for personal and professional development allowed him to step outside of his comfort zone and take charge in his personal growth as well as the growth of USCC.

"It feels fantastic to be a participant in all these sessions," Shouse said. "This has been the most impactful thing I have participated in for my leadership skills."

Shouse stressed the importance of listening to customers and understanding their concerns within the industry in order to better advocate for them. His goal is to continue his involvement with the IMTA in order to pass along information from his constituents that could make trucking better.

"If you're not fighting for what you're passionate about, things won't change," he said. "Stay committed and fighting for what you want is an important trait to have if you want to see change."

After IMTA

After the IMTA Leadership Forum wrapped up in September, Shouse wants to continue his participation with the organization. This includes keeping up to date with any events or committees, attending webinars and educational sessions, and staying up to date on different policies that need advocating for.

He also encourages other USCC members to become active within the IMTA. More engagement with this organization means better representation of the trucking industry, as well as a higher likelihood of bringing issues to the forefront of the state legislation.

"I want to inspire others in my company to lead regardless of [their] title and find ways they can maximize their impact."

This impact, Shouse mentions, starts with the willingness to take charge and grow as a representative, as a leader, and as an individual. This applies to both inside and outside the office.


"Be passionate about what you are doing in your own career and push yourself to be better daily."

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