US Cargo Control Team Profile: Sewing and Assembly

By Christine Halvorsen • 12.08.21
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With Tim’s recent post about the new sewing and assembly operations at US Cargo Control, we thought it would be great to highlight the team behind this incredible new development.

Scott Keeling (center) manages this group and it’s one of the fastest-growing teams here at US Cargo Control. Plans now include doubling the size of this team within the next six months, as our production continues to pick up.

Warehouse - Scott's Team

From left to right: Tanner Christensen, Tony Conrad, Scott Keeling, Daniel Garloff, Matt Bolden

If you're in the NE Iowa area and interested in learning more about our career opportunities, check out the website of our parent company, Clickstop, and the manufacturing job posting. You can read more about Clickstop's expansion and plans to add jobs here: Clickstop Growth Trend Continues with Plans to Add 25 New Employees in the Second Quarter

About US Cargo Control

Founded in 2005, US Cargo Control is a trusted leader in the cargo control industry, specializing in professional rigging and lifting equipment, trucking and transportation tie downs, and moving supplies. With a superior online shopping experience, industry-experts available via phone, and a central Midwest location, USCC is dedicated to getting you what you want, when you need it. For more information, visit

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