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US Cargo Control becomes Official Supplier of Cortland’s Plasma Slings and Ropes

US Cargo Control becomes Official Supplier of Cortland’s Plasma® Slings and Ropes

Cortland, a global designer, manufacturer, and supplier of technologically advanced ropes, slings, tethers, and strength members, has announced US Cargo Control, a leader in the lifting and rigging equipment sales industry, as an official supplier of Cortland’s Plasma Slings and Ropes.

In addition to providing a large selection of lifting and rigging equipment, including chain slings, polyester round slings, and wire rope slings – US Cargo Control now offers the intelligent line of Plasma Slings and Ropes. Plasma Slings are high-performance, lightweight synthetic slings that can be up to 86% lighter than steel wire rope at the same strength, thus improving safety in the workforce and being cost-efficient for the long run. They’re commonly used in heavy-lifting and heavy-haul applications, and provide many benefits for riggers. They’re favored for their easiness of splicing, low risk of recoil, and ability to handle, move, and rig effortlessly than wire rope alternatives. They will not rust or produce broken/protruding wires, are unaffected by salt or fresh water, and require no maintenance or lubrication.

plasma slings custom slings
Photo Courtesy: Cortland Company

When compared to other rope manufacturers, Cortland’s Plasma Slings and Ropes provide unique strength and product performance characteristics. They focus on technical specifications of larger and more challenging lifts, and provide weight, strength, and product performance that cannot be easily be compared with other manufacturers.

“Not all modern high-performance synthetic fiber ropes are designed and produced the same; raw material choice, quality, construction, and coatings vary by manufacturer,” said Easton Schlender, Technical Sales Representative of Cortland. Cortland is an innovator in the design and performance of ropes, and each of their sling “is a product of base fiber strength, design, and production methods combined to achieve peak efficiency in sling strength, while being balanced to meet service life concerns.”

This is an exciting partnership for US Cargo Control, and they look forward to building a long-term relationship with Cortland for many years to come. Adding the line of Plasma Slings to US Cargo Control means they can continue their ever-growing selection of rigging and lifting products, and it’s now easier to get the equipment you need to tackle the toughest overhead lifting and transportation jobs.

About US Cargo Control

Founded in 2005, US Cargo Control is a trusted leader in the cargo control industry, specializing in professional rigging and lifting equipment, trucking and transportation tie downs, and moving supplies. With a superior online shopping experience, industry-experts available via phone, and a central Midwest location, USCC is dedicated to getting you “what you want, when you need it.” For more information, visit

About Cortland

Cortland is a global designer, manufacturer, and supplier of technologically advanced ropes, slings, tethers, and strength members. With more than 40 years of application and design experience, they have unrivaled manufacturing capabilities paired with their deep engineering expertise to deliver a broad range of solutions across all industries. Some capabilities include creating the industry standard for subsea tethers, transforming tow and recovery operations, innovating deep-water subsea exploration, improving buoy and mooring technology, and modernizing load transfer operations. For more information, visit

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