Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2023: How to Show Your Gratitude

Have you shown appreciation to a truck driver this week?

National Truck Driver Appreciation 2023 is officially upon us! Starting September 10th-16th, this week is dedicated to the men and women who tirelessly navigate miles of highways, turbulent economic conditions, and all sorts of weather to beat the odds and deliver products and goods in a safe and timely manner. Put on annually by the American Trucking Association (ATA), this campaign presents the perfect opportunity to express gratitude and celebrate the vital role that truckers play in our everyday lives.

Read on to learn more about the event as well as how to show appreciation to truck drivers this week. 

What is Truck Driver Appreciation Week?

This annual event celebrates the dedication of these professionals and helps bring awareness to one of the most demanding and vital jobs out there. Truck Driver Appreciation Week typically occurs in early- to mid-September and consists of different ways to recognize and salute these road warriors.

The Impact of Trucking & Transportation

We cannot say this enough: Truck drivers are the backbone of our society.

Truckers play a critical role in keeping the gears of our nation's economy turning smoothly. They transport goods from manufacturers and distributors to retailers, ensuring that products reach the hands of all consumers. Without them, our economy would come to a grinding halt, as many industries in the United States heavily rely on just-in-time inventory systems.

While the industry has seen a lot of challenges and slowed growth this year, the need for trucking is still crucial to our economy. To compare, take a look at some of the important stats from 2022 and 2021:

 Trucking Industry Comparative Statistics (2021 vs. 2022)




# of Industry Employees



Annual Revenue

$680 billion

$940.8 billion

Freight Tonnage

10 billion

11.46 billion

Domestic Tonnage Makeup




How to Celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2023

Showing appreciation for truck drivers doesn't have to be hard. There are a million and one ways to demonstrate gratitude during Truck Driver Appreciation Week. We listed below many ways, big or small, to show your appreciation:

1. Say "Thank You"

Firstly, simple gestures go a long way in expressing gratitude. Whenever you encounter a truck driver during Truck Driver Appreciation Week, take a moment to say "thank you." A smile and a few kind words can make a driver's day brighter.

2. Provide Amenities at Rest Stops

Life on the road can be tough, with long hours and limited access to amenities. Therefore, rest stops can help with this issue by organizing initiatives by offering free snacks, beverages, and hygiene kits. Small comforts make a big difference in their journey.

3. Host Appreciation Events

Organize local events or gatherings to celebrate truck drivers in your community. These can include barbecues, picnics, or even awards ceremonies to recognize outstanding drivers. Local businesses can sponsor these events to show their support, as well.

4. Support Charitable Causes

Additionally, consider donating to or volunteering with organizations that support truck drivers in need, such as the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund. Your contributions can help drivers facing financial hardships due to medical issues, accidents, or other emergencies.

5. Utilize Social Media

Take to popular social media platforms and share stories about the incredible journeys and experiences of truck drivers. From using different hashtags, to tagging local fleets or drivers, educating the public about the challenges they face and the importance of their work helps bring needed appreciation for their work. 

6. Send Care Packages

Lastly, consider assembling care packages filled with essentials like snacks, toiletries, and handwritten notes of appreciation. Distribute these packages at truck stops or through local organizations.

ltl truck driving at sunset on highway

Thank You Truckers from US Cargo Control

We want to take the time and say thank you to all truck drivers for keeping our economy moving. While it's been an interesting year to say the least, we appreciate all of the hard work you do to make a difference in our lives. To the unsung heroes of our modern world, we give appreciation to every truck driver out there. Thank you, from everyone at U.S. Cargo Control. 

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Thank You Truckers! Celebrating National Truck Driver Week 2022

Thank you truckers for all that you do! For any information on our cargo control products, email our team of product experts or call us at (866) 444-9990 today!

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