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Useful Apps for Truck Driving

Useful Apps for Truck Driving


There’s no question it takes a special type of person to hit the open road and work as a trucker, moving the goods of America from coast to coast. While the days of struggling to find the right road in a Rand McNally road atlas are gone, the change in technology can be a huge boost to truckers who now have a wide variety of helpful apps they can grab right off of their smart phone to make life easier on the road.

In no particular order, here are ten great apps for truck driving that every driver may want to consider getting on their smart phone or tablet:

Big Road Free Trucker Log

This phone app is designed specifically for use with Android devices only, but it’s a great tool for keeping track of your mileage as well as every other part of the trucker’s daily log.

Trucker App & GPS for Truckers

Offers invaluable turn-by-turn voice-guided directions with satellite or map views, with re-routing option so you can avoid areas you don't want to travel through. Also lets you view travel centers, weight stations, travel centers and more. Includes an easy-to-use MPG price calculator. For Android devices only.

Skype App

This is a great way to keep in touch with family and loved ones when pulled over for a break, the night, or a meal. The ability to actually see your family as opposed to just hearing your voice can be a big deal for those long trips. Available for Android and Apple products.

Netflix App

For entertainment purposes, it’s hard to beat seeing a good new movie or TV series just out on Netflix. The easy-to-use site offers a huge variety of movies and shows; great for passing the time on a break or before calling it a night. Available for Android and Apple products.

Fuel Dawg

Fluctuating gas prices are enough to make anyone crazy, especially those on the road every day. Fuel Dawg searches its data base of over 7,000 locations to find the cheapest diesel fuel near the user's location. Features of the truck stops are also displayed, including showers, parking, repair options, etc. For Android products only; another similar app that gets rave reviews and is available for Apple: GasBuddy.


This app gives access to thousands of songs in many different styles – so you don’t have to rely on the one or two sole radio stations in the area for your music. Available for Android and Apple products.


A great alternative to music apps, this one offers up a wide selection of audio books. Available for Android and Apple products.

Truck Driver Forum

Good social app that allows truck drivers to connect with one another sharing advice, warnings, or stories of all types.

Around Me

This will help a trucker identify anything in the area from local restaurants to truck stops, hotels, sites to see, and whatever else there are files on in the area. Available for Android and Apple products.


For truck drivers looking to count calories and keep the gut in check, this is one of the most popular calorie counting apps out there. Available for Android and Apple products.

If you have some favorite apps for truck driving that you use regularly, please let us know so we can highlight them in a future blog post.

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