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Three Day Targeted Inspection Begins Today

Three Day Targeted Inspection Begins Today

A roadside inspection completed by the Iowa Motor Vehicle Enforcement Agency in March 2015.

Truck drivers on the road during the next three days can expect to be pulled over. The largest, targeted commercial vehicle inspection effort in North America begins today. The 28th annual International Roadcheck is happening June 2-4th. During the next 72 hours, roughly 10,000 certified inspectors across North America will perform a Standard Level 1 Inspection, the most thorough of roadside inspections.

During the three-day event, officials estimate that 17 vehicles will be inspected every minute in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Inspectors perform compliance, enforcement and educational initiatives targeted at cargo securement, driver, motor carrier, security and vehicle regulations.

Each year, a special emphasis is placed on a section of regulation. This year, it's cargo securement. Inspectors are trained to look for the proper loading and securement of cargo on commercial vehicles.

They also check to make sure equipment is functioning and is tied down safely and correctly. Inspectors take load securement regulation seriously. Loads that are improperly secured can cause road damage, injury and death.

International Roadcheck is an initiative created by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. Participants include the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, Transport Canada and the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (Mexico).

In the program's nearly three decades, inspectors have completed more than 1.4 million inspections, preventing an estimated 318 fatalities and more than 5,800 injuries. The effort is repeated annually in an effort to educate the industry and motoring public about the importance of safe, commercial vehicle operations and roadside inspections.

Inspector Guide A roadside inspection guide published by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance ahead of the International Roadcheck three day event, happening June 2-4, 2015.
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