Tent Straps Get Style Updates

By Christine Halvorsen • 12.08.21
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Image of tent ratchet strap / tent strap from US Cargo Control
1" x 12' Tent Strap w/ Bull Nose Snap Hook & Double Bar D Ring

Just in time for outdoor events/parties season, our line of tent straps has been updated with some great features and new sizes and styles.

White zinc hardware

We know presentation is important in the event tent/party tent industry, so updating our straps with sleek-looking white zinc hardware was an easy decision. The combination of white webbing and white zinc results in a coordinated, professional appearance. Tent straps with yellow zinc are still available by special order; just give our sales team a call at 866-444-9990.

Ratchet covers

Tent straps with covers that conceal the ratchet hardware is another way to create a clean, professional look. The covers are made of a lightweight vinyl to provide coverage without bulk. All of our styles online are available with or without ratchet covers:

tent ratchet strap from USCargoControl.com
2" x 15' Tent Strap w/ Vinyl-Covered Ratchet & Wire Hooks


New styles

As we updated styles with the new hardware and cover options, we also added new strap configurations and hardware options, including straps fitted with a forged bull nose snap hook for superior strength.

Custom sizes and styles available

As with all of our ratchet straps and other tie downs, customization is always an option. Need a longer length, shorter length, or different hardware on the end or both ends? Give us a call; with our in-house manufacturing, we can create just what you need. We can even create a sample of a custom strap first, so you can see just what you’re getting before you place an order.

Special bulk pricing options

Our in-house manufacturing also allows for bulk pricing on large orders. Give us a call for more information or to let us create a quote for you. 866-444-9990.

New accessories

We've also added some new coordinating items for ratchet tent straps, including tent stakes, and white bungee balls in three different sizes:

image of ball bungees from US Cargo Control
Ball Bungees
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